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Science Investigatory Project 2012-2013


carl alfred sagala

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Science Investigatory Project 2012-2013

Coconut Shells as a Shoe Polish Science Investigatory Project Let us begin our adventure with our Abstract... The study focused in making a specialized shoe polish from burned dried
coconut husk. It aimed to prove the effectivity of the product in terms of some
parametric measurements based on the preferences made by respondents. The parameters
were adapted from written reviews for top commercial products. Also, this was made to
test if there are really no significant difference between the output of the study and
the existing product in the market.
After gathering data through rating scales issued to the respondents of the study,
it showed an average of 4,.18. This mean rating was compared to a standard mean obtained
by averaging the ratings of predominant commercial products.
With the data obtained, the study implied that there is no significant difference
between the effectivity of the shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk and the effectivity of the commercial shoe polish. Find your way through the maze to discover the wonders of the Coconut-Shell Shoe Polish... Chapter I: Introduction Background of the Study A. Background of the study The coconut is the fruit of the most economically important member of the great palm family, Palmae. The genus cocos is Southeast Asian and contains only one species, C. Nucifera.
Cultivated in tropical lowlands, almost always near the sea, the coconut has long been distributed throughout Southeast Asia and along the Tropical African and American coasts. For centuries, the coconut pal has supplied the people of the Pacific Islands with food, drink, shelter, and most of their needs. The roots furnish as a dye; the trunks are used for post in buildings; and the harder outer part is cut into boards called Porcupine woods. Shoe shining is the process of applying an external
substance to the surface of a shoe to improve the
materials and make it shinier. Shoe shining has been a part
of shoe care for hundred of years. Adding a shine to
a shoe brings polish to an outfit. Shoe polish products
are low-value items are frequently purchased as a single
but might last for several days. The researchers wanted to produce shoe polish out of the coconut husk. since it's only use is for starting fires, the researchers found another use for it. This lead to conduct an experiment using the ashes of coconut husk for shoe polish. If this product will be successful, it can help in recycling the coconut husk and can lessen them to avoid them scattering all over our community OH NO!!! YOU'VE ENCOUNTERED A MINOTAUR!!! AND IT'S A DEAD-END!!!
THAT'S A BIG PROBLEM... SPEAKING OF PROBLEMS... I GUESS IT'S TIME TO PRESENT OUR... B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study aims to make an effective shoe polish out of ashes from burned Coconut Husk.
Specifically, the study would like to answer the following :
What are the components that are present in the ashes? How effective is the shoe polish in terms of:
Shine that it could give
Life Span
Color of Polish compared to other brands What is the difference between the commercial shoe polish from the shoe polish out ashes from the coconut husk? C. Hypothesis There were no significant difference between the efficiency of our product to the commercial shoe polish that was sold on the market. D. Significance of the Study One of the main benefits of a shoe shine is that it helps preserve the material that shoes are made out of. Polishing products also provides the coating of wax on the leather that helps in keeping it waterproof and reduces the dirt accumulated on the leather. Shoe polish also gives a moisturizing effect to the leather and proper care may help in lasting the shoes for several years. Since coconut is abundant in our country, people can make it a source of livelihood. E. Scope and Limitation A coconut husk has a fiber called coir. Coconut husk as a basic ingredient in making our own shoe polish especially when it burns from ashes, that makes our product black and realistic. Coconut husk serves as a prof in making shoe polish. The shoe polish would only be applicable on black leather shoes. It confines the effectivity or efficient use of the product. F. Definition of Terms Citric Acid
It is the substance that was added to improve the odor of the shoe polish. Kerosene
It is also known as paraffin or
paraffin oil which is a kind of
petroleum. It is a substance to
give shine to the shoe polish. Glycerin
It is a simple polyol compound whic h
is colorless, odorless vicious liquid that
is widely used in pharmaceutical
gormulations. Coconut husk
It is the rough exterior shells of the coconut. Dye
It is a colored substance
that has an affinity to
the substance in which it
is added to. Ashes
It is the residue produced during
combustion while burning something. Chapter II:
Through the aspect of using coconut shells as shoe polish is very unique and sometimes rare. The group where able to find few articles from both the internet and the school’s very own learning resource center, to substantiate this study on using coconut shells as shoe polish.

According to a research conducted by the Third Year students from Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, namely Bagsic, Eryca M., Bobihis, Angeliki Greece M., and Higuit, Jewel Emerald V. (2012) . These three students performed the same performance task. They were very successful in their project because of their accurate information and precise procedures they performed, which attracted the group in doing the same project. They stated that in their own Review of Related Literature, they have searched the websites of renowned Scientific bodies andshowed that from these websites , coconut husks do in fact have properties that can be used as shoe polish. It contains special properties that can improve shoe quality. This information was their basis on building a successful project. According to Pozu, a Chinese shoe company, coconut shell based shoe polish is less polluting than other shoe polishes made today. Since the company promotes eco-friendly products, coconut based shoe polish is very efficient in their campaign. Plus, they also think that shell based polish is better than any other brand.

Alibaba.com, an Arabic Website that offers a wide variety of common household products. They also promote coconut husk based shoe polish because they proved through tests and analysis that this type of shoe polish is better than any other brand sold in the market today,

The Department of Science and Technology was looking for something that the people of Region IX can use as a source of livelihood. So, the DOST Region IX sector conducted their own investigatory project and came up with using coconut shells as shoe polish because of the region’s large coconut plantation. They needed to reduce the coconut shells that are piling all over their community. So, DOST Region IX sector used them as shoe polish because according to their research, coconut shell based shoe polish is very earth-friendly (part of DOST’s campaign),more effective than any other brand and very safe to use. Chapter III:
and Procedure State The Problem and Hypothesis. Gathering data from different references. Pre-test of Hypothesis Post-test of Hypothesis Analyzing and interpretation of data.
The study focused on making shoe polish out of burned
ashes of the coconut husk and aims to shine shoes at a
long period of time. The researchers were able to study the
factors that were presented in shoe polish such as
effectiveness, color, shine, duration and the odor. A. Materials
The materials that the researchers prepared were:
• 200 mL of ashes from burned coconut husk
• 300 mL of water
• ¼ bar soap
• 10mL of kerosene
• 30mL citric acid
• 150mL of glycerin
• Container B. Procedure
After gathering the materials,
follow theese steps. 1.Burn the dried coconut husk and collect the ashes. like this... 2.Inspect the ashes and remove the big particles. like this... 3.Measure 300mL of water. 4.Cut the ¼ bar soap into small pieces and dissolve it on water. like this... ...and this... This is the outline of the step-by-step planning of the researchers to come up with a successful output. Starting from the problem itself towards the interpretation of data, the researchers… 5. Add 200 mL of Ashes like this... 6. Heat the mixture until it boils, stir evenly so that it would not clot like this... 8. After two minutes, add 30 mL of citric acid and 150 mL of glycerin. the perfect mix to brighten your day
...and your shoe as well... 9. Pour into a container. The mixture needs to settle foe five hours before used. Parameter 5 4 3 2 1 Weighted mean





Life Span

C. Respondents of the study.
The researchers chose 12 persons (3 students and 9 adults) each using a pair of black leather shoes to test the effectiveness of the product. Parameters such as the shine, duration, color and odor would be the basis of its effectiveness. The researchers used the rating scale for the said data, This consists of number one to five, being one as the lowest and five as the highest. Chapter IV:
Results and Discussion Parameter 5 4 3 2 1 Weighted Mean

Color 6 5 1 0 0 4.42

Odor 0 10 2 0 0 3.84

Effectivity 5 5 2 0 0 4.27

Shine 6 5 1 0 0 4.42

Life Span 1 11 0 0 0 4.08 The table above shows that the researchers’ experiment had been effective. After computing the ratings, we came up to an average of 4.18. The color based on the respondents parameter is good having 4.42 as average, odor based on the parameter is also good having 3.84 as average, effectivity based on the respondents parameter resulted to an average of 4.17 which is good, shine has an average of 4.42 based on respondents parameter, and lastly life span having 4.08 as its average. TRIAL OBSERVATION/FINDINGS

Trial one • It was color grayish instead of black

Trial two • The color turned black after adding more dye During trial one, the researchers’ product was too grayish in color. It doesn’t look like a shoe polish because of its color. It doesn’t look effective to use. The researchers thought of a solution for this matter. They thought that through adding a black food coloring can do the trick. After adding 4 packs of color black food coloring and allowing it to cool down again, resulted to a more satisfying result. The product finally really looks like a shoe polish. All in all, the result of the research was good in terms of all its parameters even though it’s not as perfect as those shoe polish sold in markets. FINALLY... Chapter V:
Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation SUMMARY
The given facts that are presented on the previous chapters indicates that the shoe polish made from coconut husk was inspected to the average rating of the respondents in the rating scale of five as the highest and one as the lowest. This product rating inferred from the average of the individual parameter rating of the respondent to the product which are 4.42 for color, 3.84 for odor, 4.17 for effectivity, 4.42 for shine, and 4.08 for the life span or duration of the shine. This meant that shoe polish from coconut husk was examined critically by the respondent’s individual parameters and its reviews on the components of the product. CONCLUSION After a series of tests and experiments, the researchers concluded that there is no significant difference between the effectivity of the shoe polish from burned coconut husk to the effectivity of the commercial products. The researchers’ have concluded that adding food RECOMMENDATION
The researchers would like to recommend this product to those people who would like to be an entrepreneur some day. It’s because selling this effective and useful product can be a good business to do. If you are going to do this project as we did, I suggest you work on the odor of the product. Since one of the key ingredients in this product is kerosene, it overpowers the overall smell of the product. I also suggest you work on improving the life span of the shoe polish. To improve the said impurities on the product, make sure to add more glycerin, because it improves the color, odor, life span, and consistency of the overall product.
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