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The Digestive System

Biology. Mr. Hall period 5. Levi Aaron/ Sumaya Gendra's presentation

Levi Aaron

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of The Digestive System

Digestive System Main Organs
Large Intestine -Small Intestine -Gallbladder -Pancreas Did you know that if you toss a copper coin into a pit of Gastric Acid, it would dissolve? Stomach Homeostasis Disorders/Diseases -Appendicitis
-Crohn's Disease
-Hepatitis Did you know that the average person will consume about 30 tons of food? That's about 60 thousand pounds! Your small intestine is 21 feet long! Current Research/Technology -Lapband -Homeostasis takes place in many ways. Hunger pains and flatulence are 2 ways to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis the pH Balance - SmartPill How to take care of the digestive system EAT HEALTHY!!! The Digestive system's interaction with other body systems -Digestive/Circulatory
-Muscular/Digestive - -Nervous/Digestive Digestive Careers -Gastro-intestinal Physician Digestive/Respiratory/
Circulatory the gallbladder is resposible for storing and
concentrating the digestive bile,and then it is released into the duodenum to help absorb and digest fats the large intestine is responsible for
processing waste so that emptying the
bowels is easy and convenient The small intestine is responsible for breaking
down using enzymes released by the pancreas
and bile from the liver The stomach is responsible
for holding the food while
it is bieng mixed with enzymes
that help continue the process
of using the food into usable
form the lapband is an inflatable silicone device
that used to treat obesity the smartpill is an ingested wireless device
for measuring the health of the digestive
system saliva stomach acid
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