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The Civil War

No description

Isabel Robles

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Civil War

The War
The War begins
2 days after Fort Sumter was attacked, Abraham Lincoln declared a state of insurrection and called for 75,000 men to serve 3 months in service
Though the conflict may have seemed lopsided with the 23 states in the Union having the advantage of population, manufacturing, and railroad construction, the Confederates had some of the best soldiers and commanders in the nation
July 21, 1861- Battle of Bull Run
General McDowell led 30,000 men against Gen. Johnston's 22,000 Southern troops in an attempt to crush the rebels and go "On to Richmond."
McDowell was initially successful, but the introduction of Confederate reinforcements resulted in a Southern victory and a chaotic retreat toward Washington by federal troops
McDowell was then replaced by General McClellan
July 1861- Southern Blockade
To blockade the coast of the Confederacy effectively, the federal navy had to be improved. By July, the effort at improvement had made a difference and an effective blockade had begun.
The South responded by building small, fast ships that could outmaneuver Union vessels.
3. Assassin of Lincoln
4. These people were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.
7. Where did the Civil War began
12. Theatre where Lincoln was shot
13. Last name of the confederate general who surrendered at Appomattox
14. Union General who later became president
16. Color of the confederate uniforms
17. Union General at the Battle of Gettysburg
18. Wife of Abe
22. First state to leave the Union
23. The Monitor and Merrimac were made of this metal
24. President during the Civil War
25. The North was also called by this "uniting" name
1. Short and famous speech given by Abraham Lincoln
2. Jefferson Davis was president of this southern government
5. This state was home to Richmond, one of the capitals of the Confederacy
6. Fought the North
8. Battle of Bull ___
9. Word for when a state left the union
10. Bloody battle fought near Sharpsburg, Maryland
11. He marched to Savannah
13. Type of cabin where Lincoln grew up
15. Another name for a big farm in the south
16. State burnt by General Sherman and his army
19. Vice President to Lincoln
20. Civil ____
21. Color of the Union uniforms

Crossword Puzzle
April 1862- Battle of Shiloh
April 6, Confederate forces attacked Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh, Tennessee
By the end of the day, 13,000 out of 63,000 Union soldiers died, and 11,000 of 40,000 Confederate troops were killed
June 1862 -- The Battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks).
On May 31, the Confederate army attacked federal forces at Seven Pines, almost defeating them; last-minute reinforcements saved the Union from a serious defeat.
Confederate commander Joseph E. Johnston was severely wounded, and command of the Army of Northern Virginia fell to Robert E. Lee

1862 (continued)
August 28–30, 1862- Second Battle of Bull Run
Confederate Maj. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson captured the Union supply depot at Manassas Junction
August 28, Jackson attacked a Union column just east of Gainesville, at Brawner's Farm, resulting in a stalemate
August 29, Pope's Federals clashed with Jackson's men, who held their ground with heavy losses on both sides
The following day, after the rest of Lee's army arrived, 28,000 men led by James Longstreet launched a counterattack, forcing Pope to withdraw his battered army toward Washington that night.
September 17, 1862- Battle of Antietam
This battle was fought near Sharpsburg, Maryland and the Antietam Creek.
It is considered the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War; there were 23,000 casualties from both sides.
Which General lost to to "Stonewall" Jackson in the Second Battle of Bull Run?
January 1, 1963- Emancipation Proclamation
Executive order signed and issued by the president that freed 50,000 slaves right away
Allowed blacks to fight for the North

Women during the Civil War
before the war had begun, women concentrated on making their home a nice and comfortable place for their husbands and children
once the war began the role of women changed
they now had to work to put food on the table
they no longer wanted to just sit around so they took up jobs in factories that industrialized weapons
women even help set up and supply the united states sanitary commission
they began working as nurses and aiding the wounded soldiers
soon the definition of a woman's role changed and their rights began to expand
women also gained more confidence in their roles in society and began to organize strikes to expand their rights
Blacks during the war
african american slaves were granted the right to fight in the war once the emancipation proclamation was passed
ten percent of the union army was made up of african american soldiers
although african americans were fighting in the war, they still faced discrimination
they were payed at least $6 dollars less than the white soldiers
even though they were facing discrimination, Frederick Douglas said that fighting along side the North would benefit them if they won
Women (continued)
African American women
their efforts to volunteer during the war were rejected
they were forced to work as laundresses and nurses
women even went as far as dressing up as men and enlisting in the army and becoming spies for the North
Published in London newspaper, in 1956 by Harper
January 31, 1865
The United States Congress abolishes slavery by passing the 13th Amendment
April 9,1965- End of civil war
General Lee of the Confederates surrender to General Grant of the Union at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia, thus ending the Civil War
April 14, 1865
Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater
Why did the emancipation proclamation throw the South into chaos?
Harriet Tubman was an african american women known for creating the underground railroad
she risked her life and freedom to help slaves escape from their masters
Susan B. Anthony
there was also a numerous amount of women who were major abolitionists and helped with the slavery cause
became an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society, arranging meetings, making speeches, putting up posters, and distributing leaflet
also made a committee to support and petition the thirteenth amendment to outlaw slavery
How did "Stonewall Jackson die?
What was the name of the Theater where Lincoln was killed?
Jefferson Davis
was the confederate president
was appointed to six year presidency term by Alabama in 1862
very popular among the south
he was not able to handle the numerous confederate defeats
he was not very good at inspiring the south and he only concentrated on military techniques instead of domestic affairs which affected him in the long run
in 1865 he attempted to flee from Richmond when the Union was advancing
he was captured and arrested by the union in 1865
Abraham Lincoln
was a successful commander in chief of the Union
his great leadership skills allowed him to keep the United states a whole nation
issued the emancipation proclamation which opened a path way for more freedom for African Americans
kept a level head even after receiving numerous death threats
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