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Ian Wiggs

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Apartheid

Apartheid Basics:
What and Where?
Apartheid was a policy that separated black people from white people. The government made and enforced laws which ensured white people had a very comfortable life, while black people were treated horribly. These laws were used from
1948 to 1994

Apartheid was used in South Africa, however the social situation in America was very similar.
Apartheid Laws:
Social Impact
If you were a black person living under apartheid, you basically had no human rights. This means that it was rare for any white citizens to treat you with respect.
Your Task:
Compare the Apartheid laws to the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Which rights are violated under Apartheid?

Imagine you live under Apartheid now. Write 2 paragraphs explaining what your daily routine would be like if you were a black person.
Racial Separation
Separation of public services (EG: Public toilets\taps etc.)
Separation of health services
Limited places of employment
Limit on jobs available (Typically hard labour, EG: Mining)

Limited education.
"What is the point of teaching the Bantu mathematics?" - Minister of Native Affairs

No black people in the government.
No black person was allowed to vote.
Removal of black governments and authorities
Night-Time curfew
No land rights. Forced to live in government-appointed areas
Banning of public gathering
The ability to arrest anybody for appearing threatening
The ability to imprison somebody without charge or trial.
Banned inter-racial marriage
Banned inter-racial relationships
It is worthwhile noting that the Black public services were a
worse than white public services. Health services offered to the Black community were often little more than basic first aid.
America did not have "Legal Racism" as enforced by the government. However the conditions between apartheid South Africa and America were similar.
"If you're black, you might as well not
show up on the street unless you want
to draw the heat"

- Bob Dylan - The Hurricane 1975
What was being done about it?
A young Nelson Mandela was studying to be a lawyer.

The ANC began resisting Apartheid laws and was working at trying to dismantle them.

Malcolm X was born in 1925 and racial discrimination was a great source of anger which he would use to speak out against white supremacy

Martin Luther King was born in 1929 and his religious upbringing was strongly influencing his view on justice.

The world was slowly becoming aware and ideas were changing...
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