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Prezi about Myself : Haruko Napochka

Haruko Napochka is a Japanese freelance illustrator and interpreter in Hungarian and English. In this first prezi, I'd like to introduce myself briefly. For further information, please visit my website (portfolio) ---> http://napochka.com

Haruko Napochka

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Prezi about Myself : Haruko Napochka

PREZI ABOUT MYSELF HARUKO NAPOCHKA ILLUSTRATOR INTERPRETER ENGLISH HUNGARIAN JAPANESE But why two different careers ? ILLUSTRATE INTERPRET To make the meaning of something clearer by giving examples DESCRIBE To understand or explain the meaning of something REGARD cf. LONGMAN Advanced American Dictionary COMMUNICATION ILLUSTRATOR INTERPRETER So the reason why I chose is to have a... VISUAL VERBAL Also I love drawing, and watching films such as... I was born and brought up in Japan with plenty love and imagination INTERNATIONAL ANIMATIONS My curiousness began flying to ... HUNGARY ! Budapest Corvin Cinema ID spot, 2012 Tokyo Hungarian Animation Screening 2012 These were what I made after my studies... Now I came back home... WAITING FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TO COMMUNICATE does realize our GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Let's share our ideas ! further information ...http://napochka.com (director) (organizer, subtitle translator, poster designs) --> 8 years --> Native photos/graphics and BGM HARUKO NAPOCHKA visit my web site as well ! :) http://napochka.com
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