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The Outsiders Scenes

No description

Liam Scully

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of The Outsiders Scenes

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The Outsiders Scenes
When Johnny was Dying
This scene expresses true sadness from Ponyboy as he watches his best friend die. He knows that Johnny was going to die a hero.
I chose this verse because it goes along with how Ponyboy wants Johnny to stay with him. He doesn't want to lose his best friend who keeps the gang together. Ponyboy could only share his deep emotions and thoughts with Johnny. Ponyboy wanted Johnny to stay with him but he knew that Johnny would be happier away from his life. He would be away from the torture of his parents and the cruelty of the fights with the Socs. When Johnny tells Ponyboy to stay gold, he is telling him to hold on to his unique qualities and stay himself.
“Hold on
Hold on
Hold on to me
‘Cause I'm a little unsteady A little the unsteady”

I think this verse from the song “Stand By You” is great at describing how Pony and Darry’s relationship changes after Pony and Darry reunited. We realize that Darry was just pushing Pony to become somebody and he wanted to help him get there. He stood by Pony by helping him study and holding him to strict rules so he wouldn't get himself in trouble.
When Johnny Died
This scene expresses the sorrow of Ponyboy as well as the rest of the gang after Johnny had died
I chose this song and verse because of the determination that the Greasers have right before the rumble. They were all ready to fight for their name and have great pride while they fought. They wanted to prove that no one messes with the Greasers, and to not underestimate the greasers. They wanted to win the fight and fight for themselves and for Johnny. The Greasers are like one big family, they fight together and don't give up. They have excitement and happiness as they are heading to the rumble.
Eye of the Tiger
When the Gang was going to the rumble

This scene expresses the excitement and determination the Greasers have when they are heading off to the rumble to fight the Socs
The scene where Darry and Ponyboy make up
In this scene Pony expresses the way he feels about the way Darry treats him. Darry apologizes and says he just wanted him to be someone and not stay in the gang all his life.
By:Liam Scully, Hailey Morris Michael Rose and Nicole Steinbach
Stand By You
“Oh You're not alone, Cause I'm gonna stand by you!”

“It's the eye of the tiger
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival”

Never Gonna Give You Up
“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt youth”

The reason that I chose this song to go along with this scene is because after Ponyboy admits to himself that Johnny is dead he tells himself that he will never forget Johnny. Ponyboy and Johnny were the two young kids of the gang and when Johnny died Ponyboy felt lost. If you ever lose someone or something you never forget them. You never let them down, you never desert them. That's the reason I chose this verse of this song.
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