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kassidy barrow

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Summary

Is It Your Day to Join the Revolution?
Dystopian Characteristics
The end
Thank you!
Media Piece
Key Quotations
"No one had told Randall about that. This was no undercover job, then; Johnny Doe had died and taken that secret with him" (Valentine 8) (kassidy)
Liz and Greg live in a city where everything is controlled by the government. There is a disease that makes everyone wear a mask and take pills. There is a lot of propaganda throughout the city telling people that they need to see the doctor. During one of these propaganda films, a boy hacks into the film system and tells everyone that there is no disease and the government is lying to them. John Doe is chased out by the disease agents and the citizens that watched the film are questioned by the police. Liz and Greg start to walk home and are stopped by John Doe. He asks them both to help him get the word out before its too late. They give him the key to Greg's apartment. Liz and Greg spend the night at a hotel and in the morning when they go to see John Doe, they find that he has left with a coat and a bottle of milk. A few weeks after this incident took place, Liz runs into John Doe who is impersonating a disease control agent. John Doe is trying to convince Liz that there is no disease when multiple cops come and arrest her and John Doe. Liz is put into a car, sitting with a government official who tells her that John Doe was a part of a series of test to test her loyalty to the government and that she succeeded. Contrary to what Liz was told, she still believed that John Doe was an actual person who was trying to show that the government is lying to them.
In the short story

"Is This Your Day To Join the Revolution" by Genevieve Valentine, the key message is if you conform to society's image of a Utopia, you will be perceived as a perfect, uniform citizen.
Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance. When they were watching the propaganda film, they were unsure of who was a society council inspector, showing that they could be being watched at anytime
Citizens conform to uniform expectations, individuality and being different is discouraged. This is shown when they must wear the masks to protect themselves from the disease and they have to take the pills provided by the government
Propaganda is used to control citizens of the society. This is shown when they see posters displayed around the city saying "Are you due for a date? Check with your doctor" which is persuading people to consult their doctor.
"Its easy to be a good citizen" the narrator said.
"We need what you know" (Valentine 6) (mackenzie)

"The bottom read, in large block letters, TODAY'S DELINQUENT IS TOMORROW'S CRIMINAL" (Valentine 4) (Noel)
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