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Humyra T

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Asia



-Plains and Plateau

Mount Everest:
-29,035 feet above sea leavel
-Tallest mountain in the world
-Located in Nepal
-Part of the great Himlalayas

Mount Tembora
Mount Fuji
Mount Elbrus

Mount Tembora:
-Made a little iceage
-Made all farming over the world die
-Eruption coverd the earth with ash and dust making no sun
-14,100 ft

Mount Elbrus:
-Located in Russia
-Higest peek of the caucasus Mountains
-Formed about 2,5 millions years ago


Arabian-Nubian Shield
-It contains gold,silver,copper,zinc,tin and lead
-The red sea widended when the sheild was discovered
-The sheild is in Israel
Jordan,Egypt and Saudia arabia .
Plains & Plateau
Siberian Plateau
Plateau Of Tibet

Plateau of Tibet:
-2.500,000 square km
-Located in China
-Includes the Himalays & Karakorami rage

Siberian plateau:
-Located in Sibria,Russia
-Takes up 1500.000 km
-Short warm summer

-Mekong river
-Yangtze river
-OB River
Mekong river:
-17,139 feet in elevation
-Dam creation effect ecosystem
-Largest in Southasia
Yangtze river:
-Longest river in Asia
-3915 miles long
-Many amazing civilizations are based around the river
OB River:
-Major river in Asia
-Located in Siberia,Russia
-Flows into the arctic Ocean
Natural Disaster

-Rains alot with great Height
-Rains 1-8 inches in the desserts
-Rain reaches 40 inches on Tropical slopes
-There are many climate changes in Asia
-In the winter the temprature can go to -20 degrees
-And in the summer it goes up to 97 degrees
Natural Disaster
-Asia is on many tectonic plates=natural disasters
-It gets a lot of disasters
-The population has decreased a lot in Asia
Personal Project
Taj Mahal
Hiroshima Bomb
Great Wall Of China
Ghost Amusement Park
Hiroshima Bomb:
-August,6,1945 during world war II (1939-1945)
-Evapurated every-one
-The acute effect killed 90,000–166,000 people
Great wall of China :
Ghost Amusement Park
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
-Located in India
_Taj Mahal took around 20 years to build
-It's a part of the 8 wonders on the world

-3rd Highest mountain in the world
-Height is 8586m.
-Many people have gone missing climbing it
-At the top it's very snowy

Mount Everest
Mount K2
Mount Kangchenjuga
-Located in Pakistan
-Second tallest
-Deadliest mountain
-Always Bad weather around the mountain
-Mount Tembora
-Mount Fuji
-Mount Elburus
Mount Fuji:
-Active volcano
-Surrounded by 5 lakes
-It's on a Triple Junction=on 3 plates

-Plateau and Plains

-OB River
-Yangtze River
-Mekong River

-Natural Disaster

Personal Thing:
-Taj Mahal
-Hiroshma Bomb
-Great Wall Of China
-Ghost amusement park
Plateau Of Tibet:
-2,500,000 square km
-Located in China
-Includes the Himalayas & Karakorams range

Takakanouma Greenland Park
-Opened on mid-70s and quickly closed
-Located in Tokyo,Japan and is not shown on maps
-Rumour has it that there have been many deaths on the rides and due to that it closed in 1999 for good
Thank You For Your Attention!! Made By:
Maleeha,Humyra,Zamir and Hamza S.
-21,196 km in length
-Located in China
-It is covered with forests all around it
-Located on top of mountains
Mount Tembora:
-Made a little iceage
-Made all farming over the world die
-Eruption coverd the earth with ash and dust making no sun
-Eruption caused The Year Without Summer
Now a video about the eruption(Start at 20s)
Fun Facts:
-Asia has 60% of the world's population
-The world's largest shopping mall is a ghost town: The mall has space for 2350 shops
-In Thailand they have a popular water gun festival
-If you live in Japan, it is illegal for the people to be fat.
-In Solapar India if there is a new born baby it will be taken to the top of a tower in 500 foot height. Then it will be dropped.

Siberian Plateau
Plateau of Tibet
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