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Farming Factory

Class project #3 DONE!! English 11M. 2012.

hong t

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Farming Factory

Carole Morison Chicken Farmer & Corporations FACTORY FARMING 1.) Former contract poultry farmer who raised chickens for international corporations for 23 years. 6.) Perdue terminated her contract in 2008 after she refused to entirely enclose her chicken houses. 5.) She chooses to participate in the film “Food, Inc”; putting her livelihood in jeopardy. 4.) The chickens barely had room to move, and many died daily because of the conditions and their rapid breeding. 3.) Under contract with Perdue, the country's third largest chicken processor. 2.) Featured in the Academy Award-nominated film “Food, Inc.”. CAROLE MORISON Introduction to Carole Morison and what factory corporations are hiding from the public and what consumers should know. What are the problem? Are there any solutions to this problem? 5 years later, she started a humane free range farm. "I have never understood how the companies claim ownership of the flock of chickens from the farm...the only time that chicken belong to the farmer is when chickens are dead." -Food, Inc. "Chicken Farmer rogue - says goodbye to factory farming" Carole Morison said, "Know where your food comes from and how it got to your table. Know your farmers!" Corporations grow in size and market power. http://www.takepart.com/article/2010/11/18/humane-society-egg-factories-are-abuse-and-food-safety-threats Our
tions Raising your
own food: Our
Problems Their
Problems: their
Solutions: Antibiotic off Farms Going to organic/humane and free range farm for the meat product. Quantity
Quality People care more of how much they
receive than how it is being produce. Antibiotics Environ
issues Who is it
affecting? Given to completely healthy animals.
They just don't treat bacteria but also make them gain weight.
It can also cause side effect for both animals and humans. ANTIBIOTIC ABUSE ON FACTORY FARMS. Background
factory farming What is factory farming?

• Factory farming is businesses that raise livestock for large industrial

• Factory farming is a cruel and secretive place that keep away things from consumers.

• Factory farming is a place where animals are hidden from light and are slaughtered brutally. Why is factory farming important to us? What happens to chickens in these factory farms?

• (Eyck, Laura Ten)About 9 million chickens are slaughtered every year for food.

• All male chicks are killed.

• Chickens that are raised for flesh are called broilers, they spend their
entire life in really crowded shed with tens of thousands other chickens.

• There's also laying hens, these hens are crammed together in battery cages. Why do we care?

We want to eat healthy yet we don't know what's in our food and how it is
made. Who is our representative?

Carole Morison , a Maryland chicken farmer under contract with Perdue
farms. How Morison is raising her chickens now... Most people don't know where their food comes from - this is always hidden from public view and of course the corporations that run these death camps are in it for profit. Once you know it becomes your responsibility to warn others. • Cheap food production
• Efficiency
sheep, pigs etc. Sources New York Times


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/09/carole-morison-food-inc-chicken-farmer_n_1760444.html It is affecting consumers and farmers. WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT! Usage of water, energy, and chemical which lead to long term adverse effects.

It also one of the contribute to water pollution and global warming.

Takes lands away from farmers. Give
ment! Punish the factories by making it illegal and stopping the animals suffering. Having kinder environment for the animals. GOING ORGANIC AND TREATING THE ANIMALS WITH RESPECT Make it illegal by making a proposition and protest!
Create laws that will promote a better environment for farm animals. The feeding of antibiotics in small doses to entire herds or flocks to promote rapid weight gain poses a serious threat to human health. turn it into a law! What our solutionS should be! By hong, christina, yee, carina, gerardo Monoculture. Inferior food. High Demand/Quantity Vs. Quality Environmental issues. Health issues. Corporations grow in size and market power = weaker positions for individual. Monoculture: Wiping out large amount of land just to produce one crop. Inferior food: Lower nutritional value than food produced by organic farming. Health issues:
Diseases that lingers inside chickens.. Secrets that farming corporations are hiding from the public. Brainless chicken = no emotion

One solutions is to avoid hurting chickens we have to put them into commas with the removal of their cerebral cortex. http://www.takepart.com/article/2012/05/06/goodbye-factory-farm-food-incs-chicken-farmer-Carole-Morison-goes-rogue Group 2
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