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Opinion Writing

No description

Keely Smith

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing

Information provided in writing are always backed with facts from a book, text book , or website.
xamples- Tell details or examples that support your opinion
What is expected out of my opinion writing?
5 paragraphs (5-6 sentences in a paragraph)
Introduction that states your opinion
3-4 reasons supported by examples and information
quotes or facts from another source other than yourself
transition words, reason using words, sentence starters
conclusion that restates your opinion and wraps up your writing
indent paragraphs
What is Opinion Writing?
Opinion writing allows you to express your points of view.
What is an Opinion?
is a belief/feeling
is your point of view
is the result of an emotion
can be stronger when supported by FACTS and DETAILS
pinion- tell how you feel about the topic
easons- tell some reasons or information
pinion- Restate your opinion ( WITH FEELING)
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