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Personal Reflection

No description

Samantha Page

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Personal Reflection

By: Samantha Page Chapter 1 Objective Chapter 2 Objective Chapter 3 Objective List the Factors that can contribute to premature birth. Objective: Determine why observation is important in the study of child development Objective: explain what it means to be sexually responsible Objective: Describe the different Family Structures Chapter 6 Objective Child Development: A personal reflection Why SHOULD you learn Child Development? In Child Development you learn a variety of lessons that will help you in the present and the future. You go through experiences that help you realize the pro's and con's of some decisions you may have to make. It also educates you about topics that arise in our very own school such as STD's and Teen Pregnancy as well as ways to avoid and prevent them. The Empathy Belly The empathy belly experience definately changed my opinions of life during pregnancy and the struggles that pregnant women face. Simply getting through a hallway can be the most difficult task, the size of the belly enables you to not do certain things, such as sitting in a desk, it also affects the speed in which you can perform tasks which is a giant setback. This altered my outlook on teen pregnancy and how important it is to make the right decisions. What Have I learned? I have learned the importance of prevention towards STD's and how that contracting an STD does not only affect you, but your future and other's around you. I have also learned the importance of Safe sex and Abstinence. If i were to be affected by teen pregnancy I would not be able to achieve the goals I have set for myself in life. Observation is important to pinpoint why some children exhibit certain behaviors and habits. and to fully understand the physical and mental development of a child. To be sexually responsible a person must know and stay true to their boundaries, and understand when they are pushing the line. They're a variety of family structures such as nuclear, extended, and blended families. we learned that many things can affect the possibility of a premature child such as alcohol use, drug use, and risky behaiviors.
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