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DHS Faculty Meeting

No description

Timothy Taylor

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of DHS Faculty Meeting

Effective Teacher
The Sheriff’s Office, after consulting with the DOT, has asked that the school redirect traffic at dismissal time each day in order to lessen the back-ups on 601 through town.

In compliance with this, all traffic (except buses) must exit through the student parking lot at dismissal time in order to use the light at 601 and Southwood Dr.
The front gates and the bus gate will be closed to personal vehicle traffic.
Fundraisers must be approved ahead of time
Solicitation of support from community members or businesses must have prior approval
Evening Event Request Form must be sent to Courtemanche for after-hours events/space reservations. (Google Document)
Teachers put grades into PowerTeacher at least weekly (by
at 8 am)
No field trips in May
Teach bell to bell
Have bell ringer daily
Write Objective on Board
Safety Folders:
o Please pick them up from Mr. Sidden before you leave this meeting.

o They include your Crisis Plan and new FIRE and TORNADO Maps.

o Red cards (from your old folder), and a copy of your class lists should be in your Safety Folder.
(Green cards are not neccessary)

o Make sure that you have a cover to go over the window in your classroom door.
Your window should not stay covered for eternity, It’s against fire code.

o Discard any older maps, place the new maps on the wall closest to your door.

o Fill in the assigned google doc as to what you need in your room.
The Google Doc will be shared with you before the end of the week.

o Safety FOlder should be moveable.

o They are supposed to accompany you and your students on every drill (FIRE & TORNADO)

o Please remain with your students during FIRE & TORNADO Drills. You need to be able to account for them.

Remaining Old Slides for Department Meetings if Needed
Teacher Evaluation Process Orientation
DHS Hospitality Committee
Paula Allen
Paula Allen
Lynn Wisecarver
August 20th 5:30-7:30

This is a floating event for students and parents.

Students and parents will find their assigned homerooms on the four columns in the breezeway.

Our work day will be from 12 noon until 7:30 pm.

Please remember this is our first meeting with students and parents for the 2015-2016 school year, therefore please dress professionally, be pleasant, smile, and have information to give out to students and parents.

Mr. Nicholson will make an announcement thanking everyone for participating in our open house, at which point you are free to leave.

Mr. Sidden will deliver schedules to you, for your homeroom before 4 pm.
Use wise choices about most effective instructional strategies (RtI).
Design classroom curriculum to facilitate student learning – engagement (RtI and PBIS).
Make effective use of classroom management techniques (PBIS).

~Marzano, 2003
Shared Drive (I)

School Data

Technology Information
Business use only
Copiers (Allotment=14,000 pages per year)
Don’t give out passwords
Students are not allowed on Homebase/PowerTeacher at any time for any reason
PowerTeacher Updates
Google Team
Phones and extensions
For the 2014/2015 School Year, DHS:
Created and approved SIT bylaws.
Increased cross-curricular collaboration through lesson planning and Critical Friends Groups.
EC Department participated in the Circles initiative and the CSESA Autism Grant Project.
43 teachers led professional development workshops for other district educators at the 2nd Davie Experience.
Implemented Google Classroom in multiple classrooms.
Showed significant increases in ACT WorkKeys and ACT composite
Celebrated groundbreaking for the 1 new Davie County High School on September 25th, 2014.
Welcome Back!
Student absent
more than 4
times in a quarter
Teachers MUST take attendance in PowerTeacher every period and on paper during homeroom.
August 19th 2:00-4:00

Parents may reconcile fees and secure bus information from 1:30- 2:45 as well as attend the Parent Information Fair in the Varsity Gym.

Parents will have a general information meeting from 2:45-3:25.

Students, as they arrive on campus, will go to the Media Center area, find the homeroom to which they are assigned, then report to their assigned homerooms.

Students will receive schedules in their homerooms, then run a 1st Semester bell schedule.

4th period teachers are to ESCORT their 4th period freshmen to the Varsity Gym.
There will not be a dismissal bell.

Parents and students will meet, then the students will take their parents around to meet their teachers.

Remember this is the first experience that these students and parents will have with the 2015-2016 Davie High School.

All teachers should be in their rooms with the doors open from 2-4

Responsiveness to Instruction
Tier I
ALL students
Tier II
Some students
Tier III
Welcome Jeremy Brooks, Christy Cornatzer &
Crystal Donley!

Going to have a team approach this year
All three will be here at the same time
Schedule will be communicated as it comes
We Welcome Our 2015-2016 Draftees
Email & Internet Use - no social media updates during work hours
Social Media w/students
Professional Dress for Faculty
Jeans Day for school fund-raising limited to one day per month
Give Respect to All
Children on Workdays
Be Courteous to Community Members
Be Visible in the Hallways/Outside During Class Change
Communicating with Parents - call after missing 3 days, contact if at-risk of failing, PEPs, 2 way at least 1x per semester, call when send student to office for behavior referral

Christina Orgnon (FL), Shannon Patton (CR), Ashlynn Perry (Drafting/Technology), Kaitlin Sizemore (FL)
Tyler Auffhammer, Kathy Edminson, Julia Means, Sydney Smith
Exceptional Children:
Kim Brockwell
Rachel McGuire, Leigha Myers, Katherine Quiroz
Ann Davis, Sara Holbert
David Riegel (Athletic Trainer)
Matthew Gould, Jason Ward
Social Studies:
Tyler Ham, Nicole Seymour, Phillip Wogatzke
Support Staff:
Amanda Tingley (ESL Asst)
Student Teachers:
Jessica Green (w/Donna Dunn), Sandra Hinkle (w/Alyse Wooldridge), Jennifer McKinney (w/Angela Leonard), Lucas Wheeler (w/Teri Morgan)
3 Functions of an Effective Teacher
Freshmen Orientation Information
Upperclassmen Open House Information
Dress Code - Consistency is Crucial!
United Way
Modeling Professional Behavior
ASAP: After School Academic Program
Things to Remember
DHS Attendance Procedures
Teacher informs
student of need to
recover instruction
Teacher and student
create instruction
recovery plan and
each signs
If student fulfills
all components of the
instructional recovery
plan, he/she receives
credit for course

Student attends an
appropriate number (deemed
appropriate by teacher)
of ASAP sessions with that
teacher in
order to recover instruction
& work missed.
Traffic Patterns
Testing Code of Ethics
If Deemed a Violation
Referral to
Debbie Shepherd
Staff Member Thinks Student is Violating Dress Code
Sent for change of clothes & consequence
If Okay
Student returns to class
Civil action against the person or persons responsible for the violation for copyright infringement or other
Criminal prosecution of the person or persons responsible for the violation
Suspend or revoke the professional license of the person or persons responsible for the violation
Encouraging students to be absent on the day of the test
Encouraging students not to do their best
Using secure items or modified items for instruction
Changing student responses
Interpreting, explaining or paraphrasing the test directions or test items
Reclassifying students solely for the purpose of avoiding state testing
Not testing all eligible students
Failing to provide needed accommodations
Modifying student records solely for the purpose of raising test scores
Using a single test score to make individual decisions
Misleading the public concerning the results and interpretations of test data
Unethical Testing Practices
Interpret test results to the appropriate audience
Provide adequate data analysis to guide curriculum implementation and improvement
Scoring, Analysis and Reporting
Develop a local policy for the implementation of fair and ethical testing practices and for resolving questions concerning those practices
Assure all students who should be tested are tested
Utilize tests that are developmentally appropriate
Utilize tests only for the purposes for which they were designed
Test administrators are school personnel with professional training in education and the state testing program
Proctors shall be responsible members of society and trained in procedures
Teach the tested curriculum and test-preparation skills
Training staff in appropriate testing practices and procedures
Providing an appropriate atmosphere
Ensure the need for test accommodations are documented and that they are limited to the specific need
Assure adequate security (locked facility) of the testing materials before, during, and after testing and during scoring
Accurate counting and distribution methods
Only those necessary have access to materials
Access includes handling but not reviewing or analyzing
No copying, reproducing or paraphrasing
Assuring student confidentiality
Immediately report breach of security, loss of materials, failure to account for materials, or any other deviation from required security procedures
Appropriate Professional Practice
Testing Code of Ethics
H. Lee - J. Bumgarner - K. Kluttz
E. Gordon
Technology - H. Lee

PowerSchool - K. Kluttz

Subs, Payroll, Receipts - J. Bumgarner

Student Services - E. Gordon
Student Handbooks
Core components of DHS' PBIS plan:
Be Safe.
Be Respectful.
Be Responsible.

PBIS Team will be revisited due to staff leaving, absences, etc.
Please see Faculty Handbook for more information....
This Year...
Continue current curriculum/assessments, courses, and STEM
Initiate Ident-a-Kid program
Utilize Subfinder
Hold club rush week
Develop Novant Health/YMCA/DHS partnership for staff health and wellness
Begin new homeroom schedule - meet once per month
Parent Portal
Monday Memo
Celebrate new High School groundbreaking
Directions for what to cover in Student
Handbook during Homeroom:
Dress Code
Attendance/Tardy Policy
Sign in/out
Leaving early due to illness
Tobacco Policy
1st Day pg. 3-8
Exam Exemption
2nd Day pg 9-14
Cell Phones/Computer Use
3rd Day pg. 15-22
Consistency is crucial!
Evening Event Requests
Google form will be emailed by Mrs. Courtemanche
Submit via Google form
Added to Master Calendar if approved/space available
1st come 1st served - Spaces fill up quickly!

Each teacher needs to stay two days a week for 45 min each time in order to offer tutorials and instructional recovery.
One session can be AM, but at least one session must be provided on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (ASAP Bus Days).
Departments should coordinate to ensure coverage each day Mon.-Thurs. (at least two teachers per dept. should be available Mon.-Thurs.)
Teachers should post their ASAP days for students to view.
Take attendance during ASAP; keep this documentation readily available.
Teachers should structure ASAP so that students are actively engaged and learning.
ASAP time is offered to any student who needs to recover lost instruction, extra help, make-up assignments/assessments, NOT for socializing.
Staff must not give out passes to students that have not been seen by them directly.
General Announcements
& Reminders
Work hours 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
(8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on workdays)
If you need to leave campus, check with department admin., and sign in/out if not clocking in/out (ex. errand to SECU)
Wednesday morning meetings (7:30 a.m.)
Taking Attendance
Elected department representative for Leadership Team - submit name to Nicholson
Scavenger Hunt
Eagle Inspirations
Voice Mail Reset
TOY Presentation
The Crisis Plan has some new elements this year.

Please make sure that you review the Crisis Plan and have an information session with each of your classes in the first week.

911 CALLS… The office is the command center for all emergencies.

All lockdowns should be considered an emergency.
unless a drill has been annoounced

• Takes the place of the Code Yellow lock down.

• There will be an announcement.

• Stay where you are!

• Students remain in class!

• Lock your doors!

• Teach, Teach, And Teach!

• Disregard bells, an announcement from Administration will release the students.

• Information will be sent via email as soon as Administration deems appropriate.

• Please do not call the front office (including Debbie Sheppherd)

• No rubber necking!!

Don’t come visit the scene, don’t walk by and look, too many people slows the process and can be embarrassing for whoever is needing the extra help!

“Shelter in Place”
• Takes the place of the Code Red lock down
• There will be an announcement
• Assess the situation in the immediate vicinity.
• Check the hallway for students who need immediate shelter
o Gather students in the halls into your classroom.
o If you do so, call students’ teachers to let them know student location.

• Check on substitutes who are your neighbors, if the hallway is clear.
• Lock the door.
• Turn the lights off
• Cover glass on the door and close window blinds.
• Move students to an area of the classroom which would be safest:
o Away from windows or along the wall below the windows.
o The key idea is to have students out of sight.

• Place red or green cards under door and in window.
o Green cards signal to police, in the halls and outside that everything is OK.
If they don’t see a green card, they will enter and secure the area.
o Failure to display card may cause substantial delay.
• Report information relative to the emergency, such as the proximity of an intruder, to the main office emergency number at Ext. 4444.
• Stay Calm
• No students should use cell phones during an emergency.
• Last resort: HIDE, RUN, or FIGHT.
• Wait for an ALL-CLEAR message (Do not respond to any kind of alarm sounds; i.e. Fire, Tornado)

Admin/teacher/staff/adult visibility is the #1 deterrent of misbehavior.

Don’t stop a student off campus, driving or walking down the street, call the office.

Don’t chase a student, there are 150 cameras on this campus, call the office.

It is our job as adults in the building to de-escalate any situation with any student.

Report any issues immediately, don’t wait until the end of class or until school is dismissed.

BE SMART with TOUCHY situations!
You should have 2-way communication with all your students' parents/guardians at least 1X per semester.

Make sure you are contacting parents:
- to brag on the student if they do something above and beyond
- if the student has missed 3 consecutive days
- if the student is at-risk of failing/PEPs
- if you send a student to the office for discipline referral (including taking a cell phone during class).
- if a student refuses accommodations
Professional Behavior
Social Media
- Check your privacy settings
- Comments about students/staff
- Be careful who your "friends" are

PowerSchool & Passwords
-Do not share passwords with anyone
-Student information is confidential
-Teacher Assistants (Students) should not have access to PowerTeacher and student grades
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