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La Tomatina

No description

Laura Swaffield

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of La Tomatina

Buñol, Spain La Tomatina What is "La Tomatina"? Food La Paella Other activities - Parades
- Music
- Costumes
- Fireworks
- Paella cooking competition La Tomatina is a Spanish celebration in the Plaza del Pueblo in Buñol, Spain where people gather and throw tomatoes at each other. All about La Tomatina History - Takes place every year in Plaza del Pueblo in Buñol, Spain
- It is the world biggest tomato throwing fight that consists of about 50,000 people
- The fight happens annually on the last wednesday in August
- It began as a few people throwing tomatos at eachother for fun in 1945 that eventually became a traditional spanish celebration -Happened for the first time in 1945 during a parade
-People wanted to be a part of the parade but weren't allowed so they threw tomatoes to show their anger
-The next year, on the same day, the tomato fight was repeated and it became a tradition
-In 1957, the festival became official with rules and restrictions
-Musicians and dancing were introduced to this festival (also in 1957)
-Wasn't until 1980 that the town hall took responsibility in organizing this event Rules and Regulations Buñol, Spain 1. Tomatoes must be squashed before being thrown to avoid people getting hurt.
2. Nothing else can be thrown. Only tomatoes.
3. Participants must let the truck filled with tomatoes drive through the crowds.
4. T-shirts cannot be ripped off.
5. When the second shot goes, indicating the end of the fight, no tomatoes can be thrown. Palo Jamón - Palo Jamón is one of the many traditions at La Tomatina
- Contestants must climb a greasy pole with ham at the top. The goal is to knock the ham off the pole
- The first person to knock off the ham gets to keep it and it signifies the start of the fight -La paella is a traditional Spanish dish
-The night before La Tomatina, participants compete in a paella cooking contest
-Mainly made of rice with other supplements like vegetables, seafood or meat added in along with seasoning La Tomatina 2012 Citations "Paella." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Apr. 2013. Web. 13 May 2013.
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