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StackExchange - 2-minute intro

A rapid introduction to Stack Exchange

Benjol .

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of StackExchange - 2-minute intro

"getting quality answers to quality questions" It's fun! A quick introduction to Stack Exchange is a network of Q & A websites on a wide range of subjects You have a question? Cool, it's already on the top. Maybe you want to ask a question? See the button over there? What are all those numbers? If you write some good answers, people will vote on your stuff. If you get enough votes, you'll be able to vote on stuff, too. That's how the whole system works and how people know which is the best stuff. For now, just know that we have the best answers. Want to know more? You don't ever HAVE to create an account, but us experts like to show off a little bit once in a while. That's how we get better at what we do. But for now, get on over there and find what you are looking for… ...or ask the question yourself. Try the search box You don't even need an account. (and many more...) Don't worry about it. Create an account. If people keep liking what you write, pretty soon you'll be running the site. http://stackexchange.com And that's where the real fun begins.
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