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My learning Style

No description

Desiree Adams

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of My learning Style

My learning Style
From previous Journals I found out that I was a Progressive Type of learner and teacher. I like things to be student oriented because it is the students that need to get something out of school. I also love to move around when learning. Which is great because I feel little kids have so much energy that I could us to help them learn.
I am a Kinesthetic and Auditory learner and teacher. I feel people learn best by connecting what the have learned to what they already know. So making up songs to learn things and putting kids in groups to learn off of each other is how I learn best. I also am a very visual learner when studying, I feel when you write things down or make flash cards you remember things better. I still like to put my own flavor on to things so instead of words on a flash card I might put pictures in it.
My past, my present, and my future make me who I am.
I am a dancer, a cheerleader, and a teacher.
I want to
students on the right path and give them the knowledge to grow
I want to
them on as they take their journey through life to becoming a happy individual
And I want to
with them through the good times and bad because sometimes you
need that one things that one place you
can forget your problems and just be.
Someday I want to
Mrs. Adams
and I
want to
Make A Difference
Most of my classes work well with my preferred learning style. I think your class favors my Kinesthetic learning the most, but because I am also a very auditory learner my other classes works well in my other classes. And my Visual studying styles works well to help me get good grades.

Bye Bye
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