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Aubrie Albrand

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Nuuanu Pali
-1,200 - foot cliff
-It's name means "bone chilling cliff".
-500 warriors died here by being forced over the cliff.

Waimea Canyon
-The Waimea River carved this canyon.
-It's stone wall is red, blue, gold, and green.
-The colorful Waimea Canyon is on western Kauai. U.S.S Arizona Memorial
-The battleship lies underwater.
-The memorial floats atop the ship.
-Navy Boats take visitors out to the memorial. Culture
-In Hawaii they speak Polynesian.
-There are many traditions in Hawaii such as the hula dancing, leis, attending the Kamehameha festivities, and surfing.
-Hawaiian women wear long, colorful muumuus
-Sugarcane and pineapple grow well in Hawaii
-. Climate
-Hawaii is in the tropics.
-The average temperatures of Hawaii in the summer is 82 degrees and 77 degrees in the winter.
-Many people refer to Hawaii as "Paradise". Economies of Hawaii
- The leading economy is tourism
- Another economy is growing crops such as sugarcane, pineapples, coffee beans, and macadamia nuts.
-Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.
-Cattle herding is another economy of Hawaii. By:Aubrie Albrand Hawaii
The Aloha State! My Summary
What I found most interesting about Hawaii is the land itself. I am amazed how beautiful the islands are. What also interested me is the story about how it became a state. I chose to read about Hawaii because of the culture there and because I really want to go to Hawaii.Three adjectives I would use to describe Hawaii is tropical, amazing, and stunning. The reason I would describe Hawaii as tropical because of the oceans and beautiful flowers. I would described Hawaii as amazing because of everything you can learn about their culture and everything about the state. The last adjective I used to describe Hawaii was stunning because of the views and all of the islands in Hawaii.
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