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Othello Dramatizations

Grade 11 English Project, Summer School

Michelle J

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Othello Dramatizations

Key Passages
DESDEMONA: If I do die before thee, prithee, shroud me in one of those same sheets
Foreshadowing and Metaphor
Character Development
Emilia: But I do think it is their husbands' faults if wives do fall. Say that they slack their duties and pour our treasures into foreign laps; or else break out into peevish jealousies...
Dramatic Irony
OTHELLO: O brave Iago, honest and just, thou hast such noble sense of thy friend's wrong!
Act 4 scene 1
Act 5 scene 1
Gender Roles
This foreshadows Desdemona's death and makes it seem like she almost can tell that she's going to die soon. It also tells us that she'll probably die in her room, in bed and soon.
This is another example of foreshadowing towards Desdemona's death and is also a metaphor towards her own situation. The man she loves, Othello, has forsaken her in the sense that he wants to kill her and she feels like singing the song because she feels as though something is not right.
This passage shows the gender roles between Desdemona and Othello. Othello is basically commanding Desdemona to do what he says, expecting her to listen and she complies.
DESDEMONA: My mother had a maid call'd Barbara. She was in love; and he she loved proved mad and did forsake her. She had a song of "Willow"; an old thing 'twas; but it express'd her fortune, and she died singing it. That song-to-night will not go from my mind; I have much to do but to go hang my head all at one side and sing it like poor Barbara.
OTHELLO: Get to bed on the instant; I will be returned forthwith. Dismiss your attendant there. Look't be done
DESDEMONA: I will my lord.
This develops Emilia's character and we see that she is not the totally complacent wife that was implied earlier. She's saying that woman with husbands who do not love them (like the situation she's in), cannot be blamed when they go else where and makes it seem like the rumors that she was sleeping with Othello and Cassio are true.
It's ironic what Othello says, because he's talking about how noble and honest Iago is for killing Cassio because he wronged Othello. In reality, we know that he's actually doing all of this to ultimately take down Othello and that he's been lying and deceitful this entire time
In act 5 scene 1, Iago betrays Roderigo after making this plan with him, and ends up killing him in the end. Iago then spins the situation to make it seem like Bianca is the murderer.
IAGO: This is the night that either makes me or fordoes me quite
This quotes foreshadows that whatever happens next will be the climax and will determine Iago's fate. Knowing Shakespeare's tragedies though, it will most likely lead to Iago's downfall and a lot of death.
Deceit and Betrayal
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