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Contest Prezi

3rd version of Prezi for iPad contest

Kelly Yu

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Contest Prezi

Let me explain... P stands for Prezi is already designed to attract and entrance the audience. And why should an iPad with Prezi be any different? With features that can't be ignored, the Prezi is important as a tool of persuasion, a method of communication, and a means of impression. Prezi is a tool that will complement any kind of debate or discussion that you may attempt. Who can criticize such convincing features or question your point when your Prezi claims the opposite? There's no doubt about it. Powerpoints are falling out of fashion. But with the Prezi, you're always going to amaze and astonish. It makes you look just as sophisticated as your new dress shoes. And it's just as important. Professional Persuasive Pretty Powerful u S I L B E R S stands for Ultimate The iPad is the ultimate example of sleek, impressive, and mind-bending. The Prezi is the ultimate tool of presentation. union An iPad with the Prezi app is a union between two worlds: the world of presentation and speech with the world of technology. It combines the best from both worlds - in a way not even Hannah Montana can fathom. Unique There's nothing quite like the iPad. It's not a laptop, it's not a game, it's not an iTouch or an iPod. It is a wonderful combination of all those three. The same goes with Prezi. It's completely modern and separate from the Powerpoint, from any other presenting software. Both the iPad and Prezi are unique from every angle. stands for stands for stands for stands for stands for stands for Reliable I personally like using Prezi because I know that I can count on it. Not only does it keep my prezis safe and sound, but I can also rely on it to interest, entertain, and educate my audience on whatever topic I choose. Remarkable The Prezi is the invention that's taking presentations to the next level. With its many options, from uploading pictures and videos to customizing color themes, the Prezi is nothing short of remarkable. Entertaining One time, for a school project, my class was given the option of either using PowerPoint or Prezi. Not surprisingly, the majority chose Prezi. Why? Because Prezi is just so much more entertaining and easy to work with, as well as user-friendly. Gone are the days of watching white and black or overly fancy slideshows. Here come the days of the Prezi, where the transitions are simple and smooth. Engaging + Exciting Let's keep this short. With a well-developed Prezi, your audience will have a hard time falling asleep. The Prezi is eye candy. breathtaking lively incredible interesting scintillating special stylish and sophisticated brilliant The Prezi is a brilliant invention - it brings out the creativity of its users and gets them thinking "out of the slide." Movement within anything has always been known to get attention. That's why movies are so popular. Although Prezi does not produce movies, it still incorporates this idea of movement to present all audiences with a great, breathtaking experience. The Prezi isn't stagnant. It doens't just sit there and show slides. It moves, zooms in and out, spins and twists and is as lively and energetic as any presentation could ever get. So incredible your audience will be incredulous. With the Prezi, there's always more to try and more to learn. It's like an experiment...the more you find out, the more interesting it gets. When you present with Prezi, colleagues, classmates, and even bosses who aren't familiar with Prezi will think you've been working FOREVER to make it look so good. Prezi looks stylish and sophisticated even thought it's so simple to operate! This brings us back to how the Prezi is unique. Also, did I mention how one cool feature of Prezi allows mulitple users to edit at the same time? Huh? Scintillating?
Just another word for fascinating. Or interesting. Or awesome, in this case. A professional, unique, remarkable, exciting, breathtaking, lively, incredible, stylish and sophisticated art of pure bliss. And that leads to uncountable smiles. = :) GOPREZI GOiPad Prezi + iPad = PURE BLISS (P.S. I drew/shot all the pictures in this Prezi by myself) :0 so Prezi + iPad = what? ? ? ? Thanks for Watching! :) created by
Kelly Yu :O O !!! Prezi + iPad = ? Yawn I I BORING I
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