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Case 7: Mistine: Direct Selling in the Thai Cosmetics Market

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Min Huang

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Case 7: Mistine: Direct Selling in the Thai Cosmetics Market

Case 7: Mistine: Direct Selling in the Thai Cosmetics Market
Situation Analysis
The internal environment
Customer environment
The external environment

Direct selling
(Tesco lotus, boots, lotus Express, and 7-11 convenience stores)
E-commerce(Company’s web site)
Distribution center near airport


Asian, European,
Middle Eastern, African market.

To build brand image and position of Mistine
“Mistine is here”
To recruit salespeople
It was possible to buy a car by becoming a Mistine salesperson
It was possible to buy a house by becoming a Mistine salesperson
To increase its customers’ confidence
“if you’re not satisfied, we will give you your money back”
To remain the first mover in the direct selling market
Popular actresses, actors, bands
To extend worldwide reach
Facebook page
Ran Duan, Amanda Humphrey, Min Huang, Pu Yang, Xu Wang, Chris Franklin
The Amazing Change after Makeup
Current marketing objectives, strategy, and performance

Current and anticipated organizational resources

Current and anticipated cultural and structural issues.

Internal Environment
Customer Environment(continued)
During 26 selling periods per year
No.1 Thailand Cosmetics Brand
Affordable price

5W Model
Who, what, where ,when,why

Customer Environment
External Environment

External Environment
Political trends & legal and regulatory issues
Worldwide volatility of oil prices
Wage increases mandated by Thai law
ASEAN Trade Agreement
ACFTA (ASEAN with China)
Sociocultural trends
Korean movie stars and models are viewed as among the most beautiful Asian women.

4 P’s of Mistine
Body care, personal care, makeup, fragrance, skin care.
Certified by ISO 9001 and 9002
Especially for Asian women, Asian skin tone
Price: Affordable
Shampoo reborn operates 400 ml
Infinity Love Perfume Spray 50 ml
Caviar Night treatment at 30 g.
Lady M - Chievo super spiders S1.
North Ayrshire Love Curve Mascara 3.5 g
Mistine Brightening Whitening Lightening Bleaching Body Lotion BB 150 ml.

Establish strong partnerships with foreign companies
Sell cosmetic products for affordable prices
Create different distribution channels
Sell a variety of cosmetic products
Be certified for higher quality and environmental standards
Establish strong corporate social responsibility program
Has high brand awareness among Thai customers
Lower prices perceived as lower quality
Higher employee turnover rate
Large dependence on the direct selling channel
Multiple distribution channels
Significant business opportunities for growth in both the domestic and international cosmetic market
Brand gains more popularity in Asian countries
Established the ASEAN and ACFTA trade agreements
High growth rate in the cosmetics industry and direct selling market
Trade barriers and increased competition from domestic brands
Potential increased competition from new foreign entrants
Political uncertainty,natural disasters
Government-mandated minimum wage increased
Discussion Questions
Give two or three factors that Mistine should stress in its strategic planning for its continuous growth and dominance in the Thai market.
How can Mistine match its strengths with its market opportunities to create competitive advantages moving forward?
Mistine’s Future
1. Reliance on domestic sales, especially on lower-class
2. Intense competition
3. Lack of worldwide recognition


1. Create Culture
Magazine or other Media
2. Product Extension
Sub brand (Luxury, older demographic)
Sub Company (Vertical marketing system)
3. Service Empire
Health consultant
4. Media and Promotion
Hollywood star
Social network
5. International promotion strategy
New division

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