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Total Quality Management

No description

rangajeewa rathnayake

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Total Quality Management

• Apart from diversification, they involve in,
 Sustainability
 Infrastructure
 Education
 Healthcare project

Quality Assurance
lean Manufacturing
• The Hirdaramani group has diversified in recent years to many sectors such as,
 Apparel
 Leisure
 Power
 Information Technology
 Retail Industries

The Function within the Organization
Size of the company

28 production centers
 Capacity of productivity over
13 million pieces of clothing per month

International customers
- Levi’s, Nike, Next, M & S, Adidas etc.

• Group Head Office - Colombo 1
• Washing Plant - Seethawaka
• Product Development center - Maharagama
• Production centers - Kahathuduwa, kuruwita, katunayake.
 28 production centers
a) 17 centers in Srilanka
b) 7 centers in Bangladesh
c) 4 centers in Vietnam

Product Range
 Woven Garments - Dresses, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Blouses etc.

Number of Employees

More than 30000 employees

With more than
120 years in business
, the Hirdaramani Group of Companies is one of srilanka’s oldest companies.

Began as a simple
tailoring business.
Set up the first Hirdaramani retail store in Fort, Colombo.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a way of
or defects in manufactured products and
problems when delivering solutions to customers.

What is Lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a philosophy that considers the
expenditure of resources
in any aspect other than the direct creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful and thus target for elimination.

Quality assurance techniques at Hirdaraman

• 7 - Zero system
• Clockwise inspection
• Accepted Quality Level ( AQL )
• Tag system
• Assuring the quality of the machines

Lean manufacturing techniques at Hirdaramani

• Mock – up bags
• Jumper worker base
• Standard work sheets
• Ohno circle
• Work study
• Anton light system
• Maintaining a count of the production
• Defined Pathways

Strengths and weaknesses of Hirdaramani


1. Adopting Lean manufacturing techniques
2. Multi skilled machine operators E.g. - Jumper
3. The company has a better financial position.
4. Use of equipment with modern technologies.
5. The company was awarded several safety and
quality awards.
6. Adhering to good governance and ethical
principles. Eg: open door policy


1. spacing and layout issue
2. Lack of automated systems to measure
the efficiency.
3. Delay in line balancing at initial day of a
new order.
4. Work-in-progress is stacked up at many
of the working points.
5. Labour handling issues.


1. Correcting layout patterns.
2. Locating the washing plant close to the factory.
3. Work for shifts
4. Introducing a conveyor belt to move work-in-progress along the production line
5. Ensure availability of adequate space.
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