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What Lawyers Are

What my internship was and what being a lawyer actually is.

Reuben Lewin

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of What Lawyers Are

What a lawyer is without any stigma... You probably have your own ideas
of what a lawyer does or doesnt do
so I will give you some facts. A lawyer is a person who assists others in a situation pertaining to the law or the interpretation of the law. Basically what that means is that
if you have a problem that involves
the law you call a "LAW"yer to
help you. A lawyer can represent anybody who is seeking leagal guidence. A lawyer can be a
prosicutor, where he would be seeking a conviction, or he could be a defense attorney
where he would be helping a person who might be being sued or being charged with a crime. Prosicutors and defense attorneys are equally need so both sides of an issue have representation. If one existed without the other
law would not be just. You would be suprised to find that the work involved almost never takes place in the court room. Most of the work involved in law is case reaserch.
That involves looking into what happend, questioning those involved, and trying to do whatever is best for the person they represent. Lawyers are nothing like what you see on tv. Cases dont take days they take years or decades. It is not a speedy process. It is very labor intensive. Convictions and Law suits are very hard to get it is no simple process. Lawyers spend vast amounts of time looking into every possible
aspect of a case, making sure that they know it inside and out so
they can be the best representative for their client. Lawyers are the true enforcers and maintainers of law.
Without lawyers (and those pesky judges) the world would be plundged
into a state of deep chaos.
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