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How did isolation affect Japan?

How did isolation affect Japan?

Prince Sadioura

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of How did isolation affect Japan?

How did isolation affect Japan?
Worldviews Political Worldview Economic Worldview Social Structural Worldview Cultural Worldview Worldview icon The Japanese people being isolated affected their culture, because without influence from the outside world they made their own unique culture. Some of the things that came out of this were sumo wrestling, tea ceremony, painting, sculpture and architecture. The isolation of Japan helped their economy. Because of their long periods of stability and peace, Japan's economy was booming. But it affected them in a bad way because they had little trade with foreigners, overtaxed their citizens and still continued using rice for payment. The isolation of Japan affected their social structure because
the Japanese didn't want to change positions in the feudal system. But after the Edo period the feudal system was abolished and lower ranks thrived. Isolation affected Japanese politics because the emperor appointed the shogun to keep the people in line. The shogun didn't want any foreign traders, or christians because he was afraid of an uprise of the feudal system which would remove him from power. Japan's isolation affected their worldview
because they created unique worldviews that were not influenced by other countries. Thank You
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