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Physician Care Services

No description

Meghan Pool

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Physician Care Services

Physician Care Services
About Physician Care Services
For-profit, non-emergency care services for private and occupational health clients on a walk-in basis.
Two locations: Alpha Center in Middleboro and Beta Center in Jasper.
Offers many services, including treatment for work-related injury, physicals, health testing, drug testing, and more.
Accepts multiple forms of payment, including workers' compensation, private health insurance plans, and Medicare.
Do not offer continuing or specialized medical care.
Employees worried for the future
Environmental Assessment
Economy is falling slowly
Unemployment is increasing
Medicare clients increase every day
Shift in population demographic
Competition - big box stores with walk-in clinics

Dr. Tobias has many roles within the organization which may cause problems
Strategic Intent
We want to provide the medical services necessary to keep the community healthy and on their feet. We want to provide all sick and injured working personnel the care necessary to get them back to work and as close to their previous health as possible.
To heal and give hope to all injured employees and the community as a whole.
Physician Care Services strives to provide affordable and high-quality health care to Hillsboro County. We value:
Excellence: Exceeding customer expectations through high-quality health care
Loyalty: Providing continuing excellence for all customers during each visit for repeat consumers
Collaboration: working with others with similar visions and values to maintain goals
Quality: Providing the best evidence-based care
Stewardship: Carefully planning and managing resources to promote wellness
Accommodating: Providing access to all persons in the community so that all people have the ability to utilize high-quality health care
Competence: Having a highly skilled and highly effective staff.
Gap Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Three Key Strategies
Implementation Plan
1. Update strategic intent (mission, vision, values) for the new Physician Care Services. Update to include the new, expanded geriatric division so we can plan accordingly to what we hope to achieve.
2. Gather information from the community, environment, health department, and competitors to see what services are excelling and what are still needed within the market and what our target population needs and expects from us.
3. Plan the expansion of a third location and the addition of geriatric care, including construction, hire and reallocate staff, budget, marketing strategies (advertising, community training, education, websites).
4. Position PCS in the market with the lowest costs of geriatric medicine, location in the biggest city in Hillsboro County, and partnerships with local nursing homes.
5. Write strategic plan.
6. Submit for board evaluation and approval.
Monitoring Plan
Obj: Obtain a plan for the future through geriatric medicine
KPI: Commit 20 hours per week to gather information and plan for the expansion
Method: Compare data of big name companies and their trends in geriatric medicine
Obj: Increase revenue through elderly services
KPI: number of geriatric patients as compared with occupational patients
Method: monthly or quarterly reports
Obj: Collaboration with other organizations to decrease the mortality rate and onset of chronic diseases in the community
KPI: reduce mortality rate by 5% by 2035 and reduce chronic disease rates by 5% by 2025
Method: Monitor data and trends yearly from the Hillsboro County Health Department
Have a well-functioning and leading geriatric clinic by 2035
We will continuously compare benchmarks within ourselves and with big name companies in our area to maintain the direction of our company
Khalid Al-Neama, Lauren Malicote, Meghan Pool, Shatavia Williams
Hillsboro County Health Department
Health and Well-being
Start a geriatric medicine center specifically for elderly patients and chronic needs. If greater care is needed, patients will be referred to specialists.
In Hillsboro County, 34% of the population is currently elderly or reaching old age (Baby Boomers) and is increasing every day.
Conditions most prevalent: identifying chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc. and limited initial care.
Since the elderly population is increasing, demand for these services would increase.
Middleboro Community Hospital
We envision ease of access and referrals from one organization to the other. Increase patient satisfaction, revenue, and use of services.
We would like to achieve a relationship where we can refer our patients to their therapy centers, as necessary. We would like to maintain open communication.
It would benefit our organization by allowing us to send patients for their physical and occupational therapy centers and so our patients can utilize their pharmacy. This would increase our total patient population and revenue because we would have more services at our disposal.
This would benefit the community by allowing employers to utilize non-emergency hospital services, if necessary, for their employees and allow the community to utilize specialized services if deemed necessary after a clinic visit.
We envision an equal and open collaboration where we can send our health information and data so that they can identify and determine trends within that data and data from other organizations in the community. Once they determine trends, they can inform us and give us a heads up of any possible emergencies and threats that they may find so we can prepare quickly and accordingly.
We desire an equal and open partnership related to all health data concerns with great and free communication.
This partnership would benefit our organization by keeping Physician Care Services on top of the medical information and trends throughout the community. It will keep us informed and more ready to deal with any possible threats.
This would benefit the community by allowing patients to utilize our walk-in clinic in the case of a community emergency and would allow the community to stay knowledgeable and prepare as necessary for any potential emergencies.
In the Future...
Many believe the continuing as we are will end the company.
It is believed that Physician Care Services cannot be successful long-term if we stay the way we are, especially if the economy doesn't pick up, so thoughts of selling or closing have been discussed.
We have decided that it would be best to expand with a third location that focuses on long-term care and geriatric medicine.
With the aging population, a quick increase in patients would occur with increase profitability.
This would change our target market from middle-aged workers to the elderly.
If we expand with a third location focusing primarily on elderly patients, we would open it in Middleboro because Middleboro has the largest elderly population in Hillsboro County
Provides care on a walk-in basis for both occupational health and private clients
Strong finances with no debt
Cheaper than the local hospitals
Not highly specialized, so focused on general care
Can provide a wide variety of services including physicals, lab tests, x-rays, and more
Too few service hours, especially on weekends.
High wait times
Board members say Physician Care Services is not equipped for the future
Physician Care Services has no plan for the future
Expansion into geriatric medicine or OB/GYN
Build a third clinic
Hire a physical therapist for one or both locations
No competitors within 45 minutes of each clinic
The Board believes Physician Care Services cannot be a long-term successful player in the increasingly competitive market
Physician Care Services is too dependent on the director and they many other roles that he holds
Strategic Objective
Current Standing
Action Plan
Expand into geriatric medicine center for the elderly and those with chronic conditions
Physician Care Services does not provide chronic illness manaement
Employees are concerned about the future and where the business will be with the deficient economy and rising competition
Open a third location focusing solely on geriatric medicine in Middleboro
Partner with Middleboro Community Hospital and the Hillsboro County Health Department
Gain access to therapy centers for patient referrals
Physician Care Services does not have a physical therapist on staff and does not have a place to refer patients for occupational therapy
Patients needing physical therapy are referred elsewhere and patients needing occupational therapy must go to a whole other clinic
Convert a center or build a new clinic for geriatric care
Employees do not believe Physician Care Services will hold up in the future
Allow care for elderly patients and those with chronic conditions
Physician Care Services does not have a plan for the future or a specific place they are heading
Dr. Foxx - board member
GOAL: Reassess current allocation of doctors, staff, and resources and create a new department focused on seeing geriatric patients alone
Implemenation Cont.
Building: $1,000,000
Training: $500,000
Partnerships: $500,000

Overcome resistance: Owners designated to oversee new strategies being implemented.

Tobias is responsible for change management
Gantt Chart
GOAL: to open a new location within the next ten years that focuses solely on geriatric care
10-20 years
Dr. Tobias
These strategies will optimize the health of our community because it will allow all of our patient and the surrounding community to have access to any and all medical services necessary to adapt to and prepare for medical emergencies.
These strategies will ensure our future viability because it will allow us to adapt to the oncoming aging tsunami and allow us to offer services for all elderly needs.
GOAL: to obtain and maintain an open partnership with these two organizations to gain knowledge and opportunity
Hire consultant familiar with long-term care and chronic illnesses and determine who is knowledgeable to oversee strategy
Dr. Tobias
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