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No description

Shannon Hayes

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of bahamas

The bahama islands offer many places to stay that range from roadside hotels to quaint cottages. There are no camping accomodations in the bahamas but there are many dive and fishing resorts. In the bahamas you can go to the Luciano's resturants, a very top dollar resturant in the Bahamas, and try the Osetra Caviar "Mollosol" for $130.00 or the Bloc de Foie (goose liver) for $45.00 The bahamas has some historical sites most of which are located in Nassau or Eleuthera but the bahamas has a statue of Christopher Columbus(Nassau) and the Glass Window Bridge(Eleuthera) Osetra Caviar "Mollosol" Bloc de Foie The Bahamas are full of many native customs ranging from the indegenous "Indian" people who populated the Bahamas, also west African, English, and other cultures that have arrived in the Bahamas over the last 3-4 centuries.
Most Bahamians have an artistic side and many express it through colorful art, music, or exuberant dancing. accomodations historic sites culture arts food When you go to the Bahamas there are countless activities you can do, some of which are scuba diving, kayaking, bird watching, or taking a horse back ride along the beach! You'll never be bored in the bahamas!!! outdoor recreation bahamas islands By:Shannon Lee Hayes
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