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9th ww1 lens of the artists final project

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Bill Kim

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of 9th ww1 lens of the artists final project

World War One: Lens of the Artists
Bill Kim
Alice Cheng
Michael Yu
Period: 1

Paul Nash
Mule Track
Paul Nash
Percy Wyndham Lewis
A Battery Shelled
Percy Lewis
Frank Brangwyn
John Nash
Various artists' art styles were changed due to WWI
Not only visual arts had changed to look more harsh, literature and music also changed
Frank Brangwyn
Paul Nash made this made this painting as a message from the people who died in this war to the people who wanted this war to last forever.
This was his first attempt of oil painting and it was quickly successful, though his drawings which made in the field had more immediate public.
Also, the changed art pieces not only displayed the horrors of war, and unfortunately, it was used as propaganda.
Over the Top
John Nash
Music During WWI
Music had changed drastically during WWI, sounding more morbid and tense
Percy was a battery officer during the war.
He was later was given funds form the Canadian War Memorials Fund to paint.
One of his most famous painting was Over The Top which symbolizes dominates, in which men lose their human form in action
But not only that, it was also used as rally songs
Put Strength in the Final Blow
Frank Brangwyn was an artist who was commissioned to make propagandas.
He produced over 80 poster designs and one of his most famous poster was Put Strength in the Final Blow.
This cause deep offense to Kaiser Wilhelm II, that after he saw that he said to put a price on Frank's head.
Richard Aldington
For example, the song "Over There", is one of the most famous songs of WWI. It was "and inspiration to both the young men who were being sent to fight as well as to those on the home-front who worried about their loved ones
English writer and poet
most known for his World War 1 novel he wrote in 1929, "Death of a Hero."
the novel was partly autobiographical
Ties to the book because art, and literature changed due to the horrors of war, and their view of the artists and the writers had been scarred by constant exposure to death.
This topic is unique to World War 1 because it displays war is a more artistic way, visually explaining how war is meaningless and horrifying
Robert Graves
English poet, novelist, scholar and translator.
specializing in Classical Greece and Rome
When he was enrolled into the army he was recruited as an official war artist.
He was paid by the government to draw the picture of the western front for nearly two years.
served in the first World War
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