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Joseph "Erap" Estrada

No description

Marvin Lopez

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Group 3 - 7-A
Marvin Lopez
JM Leong
Angelo Vivero
Mavin Gumban
Gabriel Bantolo
Enzo Gayamat Joseph "Erap" Estrada Family and Origin Film Career Top 3 Problems *He was born on April 19, 1937 in the Tondo District of Manila.
*He was born with the name Joseph Marcelo Ejercito.
*His father is Emilio Ejercito and his mother is Maria Marcelo.
*His family was very rich.
*When he was still young, his family moved to San Juan and stayed there. Educational Background *He studied in Ateneo de Manila University then after he graduated, he enrolled in engineering courses in Mapua Institute of Technology.
*Three years later, he dropped out of school and his parents were very disappointed because of this.
*He was the only one in his family not able to receive a college diploma. *His parents forbade him on using their family name; so instead, he used his movie name, "Estrada", meaning "street", in Spanish and he also gave himself the nickname, "Erap", meaning "pal", in Spanish as well.
*He acted as a lead role in more than 80 films made in the Philippines and produced over 70 films.
*He was awarded as Best Actor and Best Film awards by the FAMAS 5 times each, granting him the Hall of Fame in both 1981 and 1984. 1. Erap involved in the Jueteng Scandal
2. Erap’s issues of Corruption
• Erap was also accused of bribery.
• Erap also accused of allegations.
• Thus leading to Erap being a corrupt president.
3. Erap stealing money from the Philippine Government.
• According to the Jueteng Scandal Erap has been receiving large amounts of money.
• Erap was also accused of taking P130 million from tobacco farmers. Politics *He first entered politics in 1968 when he ran as the mayor of San Juan and proclaimed with this position in 1969. He was soon named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in Public Administration, Most Outstanding Mayor and Foremost Nationalist (1972), and Most Outstanding Metro Manila Mayor (1972).
*After 16 years, he then ran for senator for the opposition party. He was proclaimed and held office for 5 years. He chaired the Senate Committee on Rural Development and drove a pro-poor agenda style of politics.
*In the 1992 Elections, he ran for Vice President and won by a large margin. *He was also assigned by former President Fidel V. Ramos as the head of the Presidential Anti Crime Commission, which made little difference in the crime rate of the Philippines.
*He was proclaimed the President of the Philippines in 1988.
*He founded projects which supported movie makers (MOWELFUND), assisted the poor (ERAP para sa Mahirap), and campaigned against drugs (PHILDARE).
*On April 25, 2001 he was arrested on charges of plunder and imprisoned in Tanay.
*His presidential term was shortened and his service only lasted for three years (1998-2001).
*He was then released on 2007 and went back to his ordinary life. Recent Years *He has helped in disaster-relief missions in the Philippines.
*In 2009, he made a comeback in the film industry.
*In 2010, he ran again for presidency but lost to Benigno Aquino III.
*In 2011, he continued to reside with his own family. Top 3 Achievements 1.Erap established Peace and Order
•Erap organized PAOCTF (Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force)
•Because of the establishment of PAOCTF numerous crimes and kidnappings were solved, victims were rescued and a number of suspects were captured.
2.Erap Develops the Nation
•Erap made more projects for our Economy.
•One of these projects are JEEP (Justice, Economy, Environment and Peace).
3.Erap Harnesses Science and our Technology
•Our Technological advancement was pursued under Erap’s reign as our president.
•The government also supported the researches of our Filipino Scientists. Enduring Legacy
*Erap is known for being the target of the 2nd People Power.
*He is also known for being an actor of “Manila Kingpin” as Asiong Salonga. Videos
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