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Northwest Rebellion

This is a slide on the Northwest Rebellion.

Cam Cooper

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Northwest Rebellion

First, the Metis people got Louis D. to lead them in 1884
He set up a Provincial Government and put Gabriel Dumont as his military commander. He used The Parish Church in Batoche (Manitoba), that he had taken over with his Aboriginal/Metis supporters for his government.
Before the Canadian Government got fully involved the rebellion, the Metis won some fights like one of the firsts, The Battle of Duck Lake, March 26th, 1885.

There was then the Massacre at Frog Lake, that started on April 2nd 1885. This was a group of Plains Cree warriors that had separated from the rebels and attacked Frog Lake to captor Thomas Quinn. In the end he was shot, five other men were killed and on November sixth 1885, the Cree were hanged.

At Fish Creek, which is 20km from Botache, 150 First Nations and Metis were sent to attack Government troops. but both retreated from the range after some loss, April 24th, 1885.

He sent a petition to Ottawa regarding the struggle and frustration of the Metis people, and tried to get allies, like the Prairie Natives.
Northwest Rebellion
May first, 1885 was the Battle of Cut Knife. There was a confrontation at Cut Knife by a government military army and Cree a army with Assiniboine Army. The Cree army retreated to avoid losses.
Finally, 300 Metis, Cree and Dakota defenders were assaulted by an army of 900 government soldiers from May ninth to May twelfth 1885. This was the Battle of Batoche where government army were better prepared.
The Northwest Rebellion was in the Northwest of Canada, which is now the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Who was Louis. D Rie
Afterwards, Louis Riel surrendered and was arrested. He was later executed.
Gabriel Dumont took off to the United States after the rebellion ended.
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