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volcano project


kaila lebron

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of volcano project

Haleakala is still considered an active volcano
but it erupted in a long time. eruptions Haleakala is a shield volcano haleakala Haleakala's classifacation haleakala by:Kaila LeBron Haleakala Type of Volcano
The last eruption is estimated to have been between the years of 1400 and 1600. Longitude and Latitude Haleakala Haleakala Is located Maui number of people killed Unknown because the eruptions were such a long time ago. longitude : -156.177

latitude: 20.747 A shield volcano is named for their large size and low profile, resembling a warrior's shield. Five important facts 1. Haleakala has its own national park!! 2. The Haleakalā silversword plant which is now threatened was once so thick that the mountain appeared to be covered in snow when viewing it from a distance.This plant only grows on Haleakalā.
3. Haleakala has its own bike trail.
4. When u climb Haleakala you may experience difficult breathing at such a high altitude.
5. Two and half hours for you to reach the summit, depending on where you start from at sea level. At sunrise, the temperature is about 30 degrees cooler at the summit than sea level. There are some great hikes from easy to strenuous. iIgot my resources from www.yahooanswers.com www.ask.com and www.volcano.com thank you for watching my prezi
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