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How to Do Research

Choosing sources, taking notes, and creating citations

Holly Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of How to Do Research

Topic Finish Line! Now that you've finished your research, you're ready to create a product, such as an: Finding Reliable Sources Taking Notes Creating Citations Choose a topic that you WANT to learn more about. Choose a topic
that you WANT
to learn about. FOCUS
your topic
to make it more
manageable. 1. Accuracy 3. Objectivity 4. Currency 5. Coverage Choosing a Topic, Finding Reliable Sources,
Taking Notes, and Creating Citations How to do Research: Is there contact information
for the author? Who wrote it?
What is the author's
purpose? How do you know the information is CORRECT? 2. Authority Who published the document? What are the publisher's credentials or qualifications? essay, report, or presentation! What is a citation? By Holly Coryell Smith
ESL Teacher
Atherton High School
Louisville, Kentucky Who published the document? What are the publisher's credentials or qualifications? Can you
the information? What are the document's goals? Who is the audience? What is the author's message? What opinions does the author express? Does the writer present more than one side of an issue? Is the information BALANCED? When was the document produced? When the document last updated? Is the information too old (out of date)? Are there any "dead links"? How detailed or in-depth is the information? Are there links or citations that can lead you to more information about the topic? Is the information cited correctly? Summarize Paraphrase Quote When do I need to cite a source? How do I create a citation?
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