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Basic First Aid

No description

Rebecca Laird

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Basic First Aid

Mapping Out Basic First Aid
On The Agenda For Today
What To Do When Someone Has Fainted Or Is Unconscious
What To Do When Someone Gets Burned
Now It Is Your Turn
Recap From Yesterday
With Jo
What Does Unconscious Mean?
Head Tilt Chin Lift
Look, Listen and Feel
The Recovery Position
Call for Help
Would You Put This Person In The Recovery
What To Do When Someone Is Bleeding
By: Josephine Phillip and Rebecca Laird
U of S Nursing Students

What To Do When Someone Gets Frostbite
What To Do When Someone Has a Muscle
or Joint Injury
What To Do When Someone Is Choking
We Looked At What First Aid To Do When...
Stop The Bleeding
Clean the wound
Cover The Wound
Call For Help
1st Degree Burn
2nd Degree Burn
3rd Degree Burn
Call For Help
No Ice, Don't Break Blisters
Minor Frostbite
Major Frostbite
Call For Help
Call For Help
R - Rest
I - Ice
C - Compression
E - Elevation
Call For Help
If You Ever Have Any Questions Talk To An Adult Or Call The Health Help Line 811
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