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Jerzy Grotowski

No description

Mauricio Fortuna

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Jerzy Grotowski

Biographical Overview - Grotowski was born in Poland in 1933.
- Died in 1999.
- Most well known for working with
"Theatre of Poverty" and "Experimental Theatre" concepts. Theatre of Poverty -The main concept of the Theatre of Poverty is that instead of relying on technology and it relies on the acting skill of the cast.
-Had a huge impact on theatre even today as interesting theatre can be found anywhere.
-Removes formilization of Theatre, expressing basic human needs and desires. Accomplishments Debut in The West In 1968, he moved to the west of the United States, he made his debut in the same year by directing the play ''Akropolis/Acropolis'' at the Edinburg Festival. After his debut in the west, he directed ''Undertaking Mountain'' in 1977 which was followed by ''Undertaking Earth''.

After these two plays, Grotowski was known as one of the big directors in the US. Jerzy Grotowski By Mauricio Fortuna -He heavily influenced by the works of Konstantin Stanilavsky, who believed that Theatre was something that required great spirituality.
-He was invited to be Director of the Theater of 13 Rows, an experimental theater group, in Olepeg, after his debut of "Gods of Rain" in 1958.
-In 1964 he produced "Faustus", which emphasized the use of the body to show emotion, rather than that of words. His impact on the world Jerzy Grotowski's methods of acting have changed how people think about theatre.
Grotowski innocated in many forms of theatre. by trying to communicate to people by movement and gesture rather than voice. Laboratory Theatre was method of acting that Jerzy Grotowski taught/used, it consists of screaming, growling, howling and very strange body movements it is meant to ''break through the polite literary tradition of theater to emphasize basic human drives and conflicts.'' More on the laboratory theatre Some fun facts about Jerzy Grotowski -He had a glorious beard. I mean, look at that thing.
-He is now globally known as the greatest hipster to have lived.
-He died by drowning in the mainstream in Italy, 1999. Citations . "Jerzy Grotowski." H2G2. N.p., 07 02 2006. Web. 26 Jan 2013. <http://www.h2g2.com/approved_entry/A7614902>..

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