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Freestyle Skiing


Monty Middle

on 13 January 2010

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Transcript of Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle Skiing What is it?
Freestyle skiing is a acrobatic form of aerial skiing
it is not an entirely safe sport Ski jumping consists of skiing down a ramp at 95 kilometers per hour called a run, before flying off and landing at a distance, the competition is then decided by the quality of the stunts the athlete performs There are teams in freestyle skiing, each made up of 4 athletes There is normal hill, and large hill freestyle skiing Popularity Freestyle skiing spread fast in North America once it was well known enough The sport was requested to be put in Olympics due to its popularity Freestyle skiing became more widespread while the freestyle skiing athlete’s moves became more daring freestyle skiing was created with the feelings of change and freedom in the 1960’s The time of revolution in the U.S. is what led to the invention of new, exciting ski techniques History Trick skiing, now known as freestyle skiing was first seen in Norway in the 1700’s Freestyle skiing then began in the 1930’s when Norwegian skiers performed acrobatics in the alpine and cross-country skiing The first freestyle skiing competition was held in Attitash, New Hampshire in 1966 Has been in the winter Olympics since 1992 winter games in Albertville Freestyle skiers that skid on mogul fields were called “hot-doggers” Sport Terms 180: a 180 degree rotation of the body and skis Aerials Back-full: a back flip with a full twist Back somersault Back tuck: single back flip in the tuck position And many more!! Freestyle skiing is so fun!!!
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