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Associated Students of the University of New Mexico

A brief presentation on the structure and function of the ASUNM Student Government.

Sunny Liu

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Associated Students of the University of New Mexico

WHAT IS ? This is your ASUNM President This is your ASUNM Vice President The vice president oversees the ASUNM Senate The senators are elected by the student body each semester Steering and Rules Finance Outreach and Appointments The Senate is divided into three standing committees Steering and Rules writes resolutions,
which voice student concerns The committee also reviews changes to
the ASUNM Constitution and Law Book $ Finance allocates ASUNM fees received
to chartered student organizations The committee provides appropriations
and budgets for ASUNM Agencies as well Outreach and Appointments reviews the
appointments made by the president The committee also organizes events that
reach out to the undergraduate student body This is your ASUNM Chief Justice The Chief Justice is appointed by the ASUNM President and is responsible for overseeing the Student Court The Student Court hears cases and complaints against ASUNM and issues opinions and rulings The president oversees the ASUNM Student Service Agencies The president also appoints student directors to manage the operation of ASUNM agencies There are currently eight ASUNM Student Service Agencies Arts and Crafts Studio Community Experience Elections Commission Emerging Lobo Leaders Governmental Affairs Lobo Spirit Southwest Film Center Student Special Events All Senate committees work to incorporate student input in decision-making and communication The Arts and Craft Studio provides a workshop, materials, and access to equipment for students to produce or sell artwork at a minimal cost The Elections Commission maintains uniformity in application and operation of all ASUNM elections Lobo Spirit provides activities and events that boost school spirit and follow UNM traditions for the student body The Southwest Film Center provides
film entertainment to students Student Special Events provides multicultural events, concerts, speakers, and special activities to the student body Emerging Lobo Leaders provides prospective student leaders with support and hands on experience in ASUNM agencies and the Senate Governmental Affairs organizes lobbying efforts on behalf of ASUNM at the New Mexico State Legislature and other governing bodies outside of UNM And Community Experience provides the UNM community with volunteer and service opportunities Students can voice their concerns through the Senate to reach the UNM administration Senators also serve on other university committees and boards that serve student needs jointly Student Fees Publications The president also appoints students to boards and committees that serve the needs of the UNM student body The president also presents legislation and official statements on behalf of all undergraduate students The Associated Students of the University of New Mexico (ASUNM) is the undergraduate student body government at UNM ASUNM is composed of three different branches of government: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches Let's start with the Executive Branch Let's move on to the Judicial Branch. Let's move on to the Legislative Branch. YOUR STUDENT GOVERNMENT
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