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John A.D McCurdy

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on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of John A.D McCurdy

John Alexander Douglas McCurdy
John A.D McCurdy on the first canadian long distance airplane " Silver Dart."
John was born on August 2, 1886 and died on June 25,1961.
Margaret Millicent Ball (Wife)
J.R.D. McCurdy (Son)
Margaret Dianna (Daughter)
He was a business man, editor, private secretary, photographer, inventor, astronomer and lieutenant Governor.
He made the first flight of an aircraft in Canada with his airplane called the AEA Silver Dart.
Who Was He?
John A.D. McCurdy flying the "Silver Dart" over Baddeck Bay in the first airplane flight in Canada, on February 23 at only the age of 23!
He was a partner in the aerial Experimental association.
McCurdy worked with Alexander Graham Bell to develop a flying machine.
He successfully launched more than 200 flights in an experimental aircraft.
His flight was the first time anyone in Canada had ever flowen a plane.
His contributes to Aviation
We are able to fly to other countries
you can now fly in safer and well constructed planes
we can be thought how to fly and get a pilots license
Increases the speed of transportation
used to trade materials and ship goods.
You can transport more than one thing faster and can ensure that you will get there safely.
How he effected our life
With Frederick Walker Baldwin and Alexander Graham Bell he formed the Aerial Experiment Association to test the usefulness of flight. He made more than 200 short flights in experimental aircraft in the U.S before flying the Silver Dart at Baddeck,Nova Scotia.
Alexander Graham Bell
Frederick Walker Baldwin
this is the Aerial Experiment Association
McCurdy`s Mckee Trophy
McCurdy had worked with Alexander Graham Bell,Fredrick Baldwin,Thomas Selfridge, and Glenn Curtiss trying to take flight using a tactic called Alerol. And they had worked on this for a very long time trying to perfect it. After many crashes and failed attempts he had succeeded. According to records it took a year to even come close to long distance travel. Because of all the effort he put to help develop the field, he was one of the first ever people to be inducted into the hall of fame. ( he was 7th)
What Challenges did McCurdy face?
Who I would compare McCurdy to is the Wright brothers:
. The wright brothers were the first people in the world to create a fully operational flying aircraft.

Just like McCurdy they had a goal to do the impossible and were determined to succeed no matter what.

The reason I would compare McCurdy to the brothers is because they were both fascinated in flight. They both also helped pave the way for flight. The wrights creating the basic principle and McCurdy who improved their ideas and showed others the benefits of flight.
Who John A.D Mcurdy Reminds me of
Without his knowledge and desire to create airplanes we would not have the transportation that we have now.
He changed the way of life and how people looked at Canada.
The invention helped countries support others in times of war.
He became a father of flight.
Why is he significant
Airplanes could only travel a certain distance before they break down
Airplanes now are able to travel many miles that get us to where we want to be.
Airplanes could only carry one person
Now airplanes are able to carry hundred's of people.
Airplanes were mostly made of wood and fabric
Airplanes now are made out of metal and stronger items to support the plane better,
Airplanes could easily be blown away by the wind because it's not supportive
Airplanes now are structured and aerodynamic which allows them to break through the wind.

Airplanes in General are a great method of transportation. The similarities between the planes then vs. now is that they were both used for war, people and goods.
old airplanes
Airplanes now
Then Vs. Now
This is a picture of an airplane back in the day.
This is a picture of an airplane today.
Here is a video
In conclusion our world wouldn't be the same without John A.D McCurdy. He has done so much and has left his mark on our country. His desire to change the world has benefited our generation a lot and without his desire we wouldn't be able to travel and opportunities to ever visit a country other than ours would be very minimum.
His Accomplishments

• First Canadian to be issued a pilots license and granted Great Britain’s pilot’s license Number One
• Established the first aviation school in Canada
• Made the first oceanic flight between Florida and Cuba
• Flew the worlds first flying boat
• Along with F.W. Baldwin formed the first aircraft production company in Canada and took Baldwin up as Canada’s first passenger, August 2, 1909
• First to utilize a water cooled engine in an airplane, which he had installed on the Silver Dart
• Made the first figure eight in an airplane and first flight in Mexico
• Transmitted and received the first wireless message from an aeroplane in 1911
• Made the first inter-city flight in Canada between Hamilton and Toronto
• Was the first to demonstrate the possibility of bombing from the air; in 1917 his airplane factory in Toronto produced the world’s first twin-engined bomber for the Royal Navy
• Contributed to the development of the aileron, the tricycle landing gear and pontoons.
• Was chiefly responsible for the founding of the RCAF
• Served as Lieutenant Governor, Nova Scotia, 1947-1952
• Honorary Air Commodore
• Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame
• Order of the British Empire, OBE
• The McGee Trophy
• Holder of three Honorary Degrees: University of Toronto; University of King’s College; Nova Scotia Technical College
• Awards named for him: The McCurdy Award; The J. A. D. McCurdy Trophy
The firsts of McCurdy:
In 1915, he formed Canada’s first aviation school in Toronto. In between World Wars, he helped found the Reid Aircraft Company which became The Curtis-Reid Aircraft Company of which he was president. One hundred years after J. A. D. McCurdy’s historic flight, the airport in Sydney, Nova Scotia was renamed the J. A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport. At the time of his death on June 21, 1961 he was the world’s oldest living pilot. Buried in his home town Baddeck, Nova Scotia, his tombstone faces Bras d’Or Lake from where he made his historic fight and from where Canadian Aviation took its first steps to glory.
His Legacy
Wright brothers to the right and McCurdy on the left
Imagine a world...
Without visionaries...
Without people who reach for the stars...
This would be a world without John A.D McCurdy...
The father of Aviation...
It just got interesting...
we will hand out iPads
They will already be logged onto Kahoot
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