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Source Skills Y11


Jo Ewan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Source Skills Y11

Sources Using Author pUrpose
Tone GCSE History Context Use the source Use the examiner's text around the source to help - it may tell you all you need to know about the source!
Was it funny?
Serious? They give you supporting evidence

They jog your memory And if you don't use them you can't get above Level 2! Who wrote this?
What do you know about them?
Were they involved?
Were they an expert?
Were they biased? Use sources to help you! Tone suggests what the source is trying to do - entertain, inform, educate, sell? Think about WHY a source was created - what was the author trying to do? it may still be of use even if they are biased - a Nazi can tell you a lot about the Nazi Party. 1 Why was this written / created? 2 Was it advertising? Propaganda? 3 What was it used for? Purpose tells you why the source exists When was the Source created? What was going on then?
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