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Business Development through Technology & Social Media

No description

Jason Hawes

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Business Development through Technology & Social Media

Business Development through Technology
& Social Media

Customer Retention & Loyalty
Strengthen Community Marketing
Create Added-Value and Broaden Services Package
Increase Our Competitor Advantage
Increase Revenue
a strategy to engage an audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect and customer conversation. Community Marketing focuses on the needs of existing customers
How are we going to achieve this? And what can we offer our clients?
Social Media Development
Marketing- Communications Audit &
The underlining selling point here is that we are offering to help build our client's business
What does Social Media Development Mean?
These services can be offered as group workshops or one-on-one consulting sessions,
but there is a difference.
Group Workshops
Lunch & Learns
Tech Development Sessions
Sales Meetings
Approx 30 min-1 hr

Can be at FNT or On-Site

Free Overlook and Quote for areas of Growth
Consulting Service is much more in depth & Customized for each client's need
Need to be Conscientious of this Client

Website Design
In group workshops we will offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (+++) groups.
Beginner Course
Page Creation
Security Settings
Basic Uploading
Content Addition & Info
Basic Strategy
Intermediate Course
Review (if Necessary)
Post Settings
Building Community
Advanced Security & Profile Settings
Groups & Lists
**Will be more hands-on

Advanced +++ Course
Business Development Through Social Media
Lists and Lead Generation- Creating An SM SOI
Advertising on Facebook
Market and Communication "Analytics" & Insights
Wash, Rinse, & Repeat

What does this all lead to?

Service Oriented Practice
One More Step in Becoming Fully Integrated
Shifts FNT's Brand in the Marketplace
Aligns with Sales Philosophy
Example: These are types of things I may ask a realtor.
What are your priorities as an agent?
How is your brand represented in the community and virtual community?
What is your target market?
Do you specifically engage certain demographics?
What is your purchase/ selling history i.e. volume, average price point, SOI's, etc. AND are your resources being effectively and efficiently used and implemented. (Ex of resources: Time, $, Knowledge, Human Capital, Operation Support, etc.)
Market Penetration:
View this service as a way to develop a strategic partnership with a firm. (Broker-Owner, Managing Broker, Managing "title.")
This is a great way to Develop Relationships and get in the door when articulated the correct way.
ROI- Return on Investment Realtor Perspective
Relationship Building & Networking
Cutting Advertising Costs
Community Development
Customer Retention (8x more Expensive)
Streamlined Communication
Top of Mind (Mind Share)
Improving online reputation to influence potential guests
Lead Generation: Winning new customers with targeted demand generation.
Strategy & Tactics
Ex through FB medium
ROI From FNT's Perspective
Customer Retention
Relationship Building (Networking)
Market (Broker) Penetration
Bottom-Line Revenue
Top-of-Mind Branding
Engagement Tools
Case Study: Anna Everts
Cost of Social Inactivity: Realtor Perspective COSI
Business Atrophy
Loss of community development
Lack of Brand (and as a realtor, Personal) identity control
It's a tool that you're not utilizing, not a gimmick
Loss of revenue, profit margins, and volume
A 2012 report by Adobe showed that 52% of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration in social media marketing
What happens when our client says, "I've gotten by this far without doing anything on social media and online, why change now?" OR "We've got our own internal marketing person."
**Metaphorical to physical inactivity
Many businesses (especially B2B) fail to see how social media fits into their strategy
COSI If we don't offer service & are not participating in social media ourselves : FNT Perspective
Competitor Advantage
Networking : Broker Connections
Top of Mind Ability
Brand Control
Why Social Media?
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