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Senior Parent Night

No description

Katja Wallin

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Senior Parent Night

College Research!

Match, Safety, Reach
Cost of Attendence
Clubs/Organizations Deadlines/Timeline

Early Decision vs. Action
Rolling Admission What Colleges Look At

Essays & Recommendations Online vs. Paper?
...Things to Consider
Application Fee, Transcripts,
Essays, deadlines, etc. Ways to Apply:
Common Application
School website Local/School Events
College Application Week:
Nov. 12-16!!
FAFSA Day: Feb. 23, 2013 at RCC SAT & ACT
What's the Difference?
Why is it important?
How much does it cost?
SAT Deadlines: Sept. 7th = Oct. 6th
Oct. 4 = Nov. 3rd
ACT Deadlines: Sept. 21st = Oct. 27th
Nov. 2 = Dec. 8th Icing on the Cake
Essays, Teacher Recs, Personal Statement
Important Because...
Highlights Student's Personality
Can explain a bad grade/personal issue
Frames a holistic view of student FAFSA Scholarships Now....How to Pay For It! Part 1 Free Application for Federal Student Aid Important Notes:
You can change the information up to 15 times! Who Gets Aid?
Determined by a formula
Anyone could qualify
Most schools will not give financial aid without the
FAFSA What do they look at?
Income (estimates are ok!)
Family size
# of family in college
Use 2011's W2's and 1040's Why So Important?
Almost every school uses it to determine financial aid
Most scholarships require it
It is FREE so you might as well fill it out and see what happens!!! Net Price Caculators Part 2 FAFSA DAY!
Feb. 23, 2013 Institutional vs. Private How To Find Them:
Senior Newsletter
Student Services Website
College's Website Remember These ADD Up!!! Make Sure to Read Carefully and If You Qualify then APPLY! Questions, Comments Concerns? Shannon Hazelwood Josh Paschal Leigh Smith
Letters H-Pe Letters A-G Letters Pf-Z
shazelwood@rock.k12.nc.us jpaschal@rock.k12.nc.us pmcbride@rock.k12.nc.us

Katja Wallin Misty Attaway Stacey Wilson
College Adviser Assigned Students Guidance Secretary
kwallin@rock.k12.nc.us mattaway@rock.k12.nc.us swilson@rock.k12.nc.us Who's Your Counselor A-G
Ms. Deaton

Mrs. Hazelwood

Mrs. Smith
psmith@rock.k12.nc.us College Adviser
Ms. Wallin

Guidance Secretary
Cheryl Griffin

Misty Attaway
mattaway@rock.k12.nc.us Who's Your Counselor?

Kevin Hairston
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