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Marketing Portfolio

A visual guide through my education, project management, and marketing experience

Kyle Simenson

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Portfolio

Marketing Portfolio
Kyle Simenson's
Writing for Professionals
Business Statistics
Management Information Systems
Operations Management
Managerial Finance
Buyer Behavior
Market Information & Research
Product/Price Management
Professional Selling
Global Marketing Strategy
Principles of Promotion
Distribution Management
Marketing Strategies
Marketing and the Law
Strategic Management
The Marketing forum is suited for senior and mid-level managers responsible for organizational marketing efforts based on the Harvard School Of Business case study method. The forum is designed to assist leaders in understanding the interplay of key marketing tactics and the essential integration with overall corporate and organizational strategy. This forum is a comprehensive program designed for success and includes cases and activities that break down the “marketing mix” and give participants tools to apply to their organizations.
Program Objectives
Exploring marketing strategy and tactics through analysis of the marketing mix—product, price, place and promotion.
Integrating the four components of the marketing mix, including additional concepts and tools, into a final case study analysis and exercise applied to participants’ own organizations.
Developing a systematic approach to analyzing marketing challenges and opportunities.
Providing resources for post-forum learning and application.
Networking with Marketing Forum and other Center alumni for ongoing learning and development opportunities.
St. Cloud State University
American Marketing Association
St. Cloud State University
American Advertising Federation
Student Advertising Summit Volunteer
Brand Panel Representative
Leadership Team Member
Strategic Decisions
Project Development
Corporate Values
Web Marketing
Landing Page Development
Long Tail Keyword Integration
Market Driven Content
Alt Text Image Usage
Increased Shop-ability/CTR
E-mail Marketing
Relevant Content
Promotion Specific
Product Description
Brand Roll-Outs
Segmented Consumers
Search Engine Optimization
Brand Promotions
Pricing Promotions
Brand Roll-Outs
Corporate Campaigns
Promotion Team Management
Marketing Collateral
Customer Segmentation
Customer Service Portal
Warranty Registration
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Customer Service
Support Tickets
B2B Account Information
Account Forecasting
Lead Generation/Classification
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Centric Sales Approach
Action Forms
Customer Service
(Beta Development)
Project Management
Pricing Structure
Distribution Channels
Value-Added Components
Market Based Sub-Brand Creation
for Existing Product Line
Website Project Management
Brand Enhancement for Increased Recognition
All Content
Product Mapping
XML Packages
Search Engine Optimization
Launch Deadlines
3rd Party Program Implementation
Processes and Procedures
Development of B2B and B2C Processes
Increased Data
Customer Centric
Segment Specific
Product Based
Meta Title & Description Creation
Long-tail Keyword Integration
Link Building
PPC/Google Adwords
Social Media
Product/Brand Roll-Outs
Industry Knowledge
Customer Engagement
Relevant Content
Customer Service
Product Distribution
Blog Content
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