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Willy Loman's Tragic Flaw

No description

Prashanna Pokharel

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Willy Loman's Tragic Flaw

A Photo Essay: Willy Loman's Tragic Flaw

A part of living the "American Dream" is owning material things. One flaw that contributes towards Willy becoming a tragic character is that he found physical things to be more appealing than things he needed for survival.
An example of this is when Willy lies to his friends and family saying he was well liked as a salesmen, and he was happy with his job, but in reality, it was almost the opposite.
The intent of this essay was to explore how Willy Loman, from the play "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller came to be a tragic character. Willy has lost his true identity and is indulged in the idea of the "American Dream". Him and his family circle their entire life around material wealth. He never actually gets to pursue this idea and therefore goes into his own fantasy world where imperfections don't exist. He does not want to accept the fact that his performance as a sales man is poor. Willy tries to 'fit in' by telling others that he is well liked as a salesman. Another ugly truth that Willy hides is his affair with another woman. His pursuit of the American dream and his constant denial of reality eventually goes through a downward spiral. He suicides to get freedom from this life. Therefore, he is a tragic character.
By Prashanna Pokharel
Willy loaths to live the American dream, its his definition of 'sucess'.
Willy pursued a career in being a salesman to maintain his social standard.
He was not good at his job and failed
to be a beneficial sales man. He neglected jobs that he had skills in carpentering.
The second significant falw was that Willy constantly lied to others and to himself, he never wanted to face the truth.
Willy & his wife Linda's appeal to material things affected their childrens view of sucess. Happy and Biff further wanted to live the "American Dream"
Photograph taken by Prashanna.
Photographer: Ben Heine
Biff finds out that Willy cheats on his wife, which eventually leads to a downward spiral all together in his life. A parallel story to this is Lans Armstrong and his use of drugs.
- To avoid situation of reality, he retreats back to the past to remember some parts of his life where he might have been sucessful.
In the end, he becomes a tragic character, who becomes completely hopeless and commits suicide, he sees no light in his life.
His life all together has been drenched in this idea of 'sucess' which brings him to his death.
From a certain standpoint, Willy gains his freedom, from his death
In summary, this was Willy's life
Photograph by Prashanna
This could be seen as Willy's mask that he puts on for the outside world, that makes him look stronger than he is
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