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Does tea stain your teeth?

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Kaylan Reeves

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Does tea stain your teeth?

What's the purpose?
What's my hypothesis?
If you consume a large amount of coffee then the result of stained teeth will occur.
Regular Tea*
Regular Coffee*
3 glass/plastic cups
3 emptied out eggs
Sharpie (for labeling)
Room temperatured area
Data - Day 1
Data: Day 2
1. Made the coffee & the tea; prepared soda
2. Emptied out the eggs into a small container; rinsed out; disposed of; let sit to dry
3. Labled each egg; 1 being the soda egg, 2 being the tea egg & 3 being the coffee egg
4. Placed each egg into their designated spots

Does tea stain your teeth? (Which stains the most?)
Data: Day 3 (Final day)
*Brand choice doesn't matter
Independent: drink
Dependent: Eggs
Controlled: temperature, amount of liquid in the cup
In my conclusion, I discovered that of the three beverages, when it comes the the question, "Which three stains your teeth the most?", coffee is the winner. Naturally, all three of the drinks tested change your teeth. The soda does not only stain but decays the tooth as well. The tea starts off with a light stain of color, but after a few days, decay starts to occur also. Coffee just gives a dark smooth stain. Teeth naturally have small grooves on them making it easy for drinks to cling on & stain; because of the dark pigmentation in tea, coffee and soda, thats made it easier for the drinks to stain in the allowed time.

Patton Phyics 1st period
Science Fair Project
Kaylan Reeves
Ladaesha Grant
Tiana Deeds
Nehemiah Goggins
January 15th, 2016
The purpose of this experiment is to find out how far each liquid will stain teeth in a 3-day time period. In turn, also find out which of the 3 liquids stain teeth the fastest.
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