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Naomi Whiffen

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Dante

Major Themes
Religious influence and Christian influence
Challenging political issues (political thoughts)
Challenging moral issues (moral philosopher)
Overcoming personal disaster
Heavenly love
How one ends up in Heaven, Hell or Purgatory
Interesting Facts
Dante’s Inferno is a video game made by EA Games

· Venturing through Dante’s depiction of hell.

· Players take on the role of Dante

· Travels to hell after hearing that Beatrice is dead

· Dante must save Beatrice

· Has to fight his own demons first… DUN DUN DUN….
Major Works
Fiore an adaptation from Romance of the Rose, Vita Nuova (1290-4), Convivio (1304-8), De Vulgari Eloquentia and De Monarchia (1309-12) Divina Commedia (1307-21)
Naomi, Madeleine, and Danielle
The life and works of Dante Alighieri
A short synopsis :

-Convivio– is a collection of works including
De Monarchia.

· De Monarchia was very influential philosophical piece

· Included a need for a monarchial government and outlined problems between the Pope and the Emperor.

· Main idea of this piece = problematic relations between the Church and the Empire.

· “Empire does not derive its political authority from the pope”.

· Own negative experiences in his later life with the papal and political matters.

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Major Works
“De vulgari eloquentia”
("On the Eloquence of Vernacular").

· Practical and theoretical piece outlining the power of eloquent poetic language

· Discuss and define the Italian literary language

· Greatest advocates for this style of literary writing.

· Prediction of its powerful influence in the future.

· “This shall be the new light, the new sun, which shall rise when the worn-out one shall set, and shall give light to them who are in shadow and in darkness because of the old sun, which does not enlighten them.”

· Leading figure when it came to literary language.
Education and Work
Two main teachers; Brunetto Latini and Guido Guinizelli.

· Dante was 18 he had already successfully taught himself the “art of making verse”.

· Started to use “dolce stil nuovo” or the “sweet old style”.

· Went to a few religious schools to hear the arguments about philosophy.

· He joined the guild of physicians and apothecaries

· Part of San Gimignano’s embassy

· Political involvement against the Pope.
1265 - born as a Gemini in Florence
fell irrevocably in love with Beatrice Portinari - 1274
1285 - married Gemma Donati
death of Beatrice - 1290
1295 - published the Vita Nuova
exiled from Florence - 1302
1317 - published the Divine Comedy
death - 1321
Birth and Death
Florence, Italy
born c. May 21 - June 20, 1265
died September 13 - 14, 1321
early life

· Part of the guild of physicians/apothecaries in 1295 working
his way to public office.

· By 1300 he was part of San Gimignano’s embassy

· Part of the embassy that ventured to talk to the Pope about politics.

· In January 1302 Dante was to appear before the government and he did not show.

· He was condemned for crimes he never did

· Dante including 14 other “whites” were sentenced to be burned to death.

· The experiences outlined here relate back to the theme of overcoming personal hardships in his writting
of Dante
Brunetto Latini
Guido Guinizelli
Ravenna, Italy
Major Historical Events In Italy
The Struggle between the Black and White parties
Geulfs split into two parties (mostly) based on class
Dante was apart of the White party
White party gained upper hand
Dante was elected priorate
He changed his mind about how much power the Pope should have
The Pope and the Black party took back Florence
The Black party charged members of the White party with false accusations
Dante was called to court but refused to show up
They falsely accused Dante of multiple charges after he didn't show up to court again
Dante was sentenced to death if he ever returned to Florence
Major Historical Events in the World
Marco Polo (traveled 1271-1295)
(Technically he's Italian)
Travelled to China and wrote a book (
which influenced great explorers like Columbus
Dante's Influences
Beginning of the Ottoman Empire (1299)
Thomas Aquinas stops work on Summa Theologica (1273)
... also, Dante is a crusador
(Italian Poetic Movement)
Guido Guinizelli
Who Dante Influenced
Wrote in Italian rather than Latin
Italian became the new literary language next few centuries
born in 1265 to a family highly involved in Florentine politics
Mother died when Dante was young
unrequited love at first sight at the age of 9 towards Beatrice Portinari (8)
arranged engagement with Gemma Donati at age 12
married Gemma Donati (1285) and was born four children by her
Beatrice died in 1290
around 1290, Dante began to study philosophy and Florentine politics
love at first sight
Dante Alighieri - divino poeta
Gemma Donati
I miss Florence
Guido Guinizelli
Dante moved to Ravenna

He finished the last canto in Divine Comedy

“You will leave all the things you have most dearly loved/You will see how the bread of others tastes of salt”

The Revenna monks who guard his ashes refused to bring them back to Florence
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