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Digital Storytelling

No description

Jennifer Woollven

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling
So what is digital storytelling?
Mentor Texts - Video
Reflecting on the process
Student created rubrics
Mozilla Popcorn Maker

What do you notice?
“Narrative imagining -- story -- is the fundamental instrument of thought.”
- Mark Turner, The Literary Mind

Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.

John Dewey

voice narration
text overlays
special effects
problem solving
Take time to celebrate all the hard work!
From frustration and fear of risk taking ...
To shared purpose and problem solving..
What elements are used?
How is the story told?
What makes it effective?
making meaning
Now it's your turn!
Go to https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ and create an account.
Add a video from youtube
Add an image
Add 2 or 3 other events

Go tohttps://soundcloud.com and search for sound effects, music or create an account and record your own audio.
Process Overview
Mentor Texts
Noticing chart
Writing process
Digital story mentor texts
More noticing
Student created rubrics
Taming the beast (scaffolding)
Hair-pulling and teeth gnashing
Problem-solving and collaboration
Mentor Texts - Memoir
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
activities to generate ideas
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian
Teen Ink and Best Teen Writing
Noticing chart

Writing Process
Google forms as a check-in
Teacher conferring
Peer response
Taming the beast!
finding visuals
background music
editing all the pieces
adding special effects and titles
(or scaffolding the logistics)
From "Digital Storytelling and Online Interactives"
From "Digital Storytelling and Online Interactives"and Bernajean Porter
Changes for next time:
Set rubric categories based on noticing chart (still student-driven)
Narration first!
Organizing storage of movies
Rubric categories?
What does it look like?
dramatize a text
Social Studies:
dramatize historical event
A day in the life...
perform a word problem
dramatize trends (population, polution, etc.)
Create a trip on a budget
trip through digestive system
story of an endangered animal from animal's pov
Why stories?
1 minute: list as many things as you can remember learning to do as a child

3 minutes: Select 1 and describe the story around that learning experience.

Share with the person next to you.
Digital storytelling starts with a narrative -- it might be a personal experience or the conclusions of a scientific investigation or the story of research findings in social studies. It is more than a report or a retelling -- it should include a unique perspective, reflection, or new insight.
Storytelling stimulates, educates and creates connections.

The process of creating stories promotes self understanding, concept understanding, information literacy, communication literacy, and interdisciplinary learning

~ Maxine Alterio
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