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Castle Vale Festival 2013

No description

Claire Marshall

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Castle Vale Festival 2013

Castle Vale Festival 2013
Bringing people together
A diverse event for a diverse Castle Vale
A genuine collaborative event with 22 members of the Steering Group
Two Day Festival
Knits and Pieces
Castle Vale Day
The Big Lunch
Vale Tale Bus Tours
Opening Ceremony
Live and Loud
Festival Fun Day
Spitfire Heritage Presentations
Castle Vale Community Shield
The Big Sing
Decades of Music
Largest Event Since the HAT
977 participants
9118 audiences in the build up and during the festival
Sold out Friday night - over 500 people
Over 3200 people on the Saturday
Great Profile for Castle Vale
Tyburn Mail
Birmingham Mail
Switch Radio
Radio WM
Midlands Today
Celebrated as a case study for community practice by Birmingham City Council
Welsh National Opera Performance
Knits and Pieces
Memorial Tree
Urban Street Art Project
Community Awards
Festival 2014
What Next
Coudn't help but smile
Thank you
to all the
Vale Makers:
the individuals and groups who together made this incredible event happen with support artistic from Highly Sprung, Vortex Creates and Off Our Trolley Arts
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