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Thesis Presentation

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Riyad Jaunoo

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Thesis Presentation

Modelling of FSO Communications in the Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence Motivation Themes "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." - Raymond Chandler Riyad Jaunoo -FSO Communication System Motivation Further Study & Reflection -Atmospheric Turbulence Results & Conclusions -Bit Error Rate Project Overview Aims & Objectives Aims & Objectives Background Free Space Optical System Atmospheric Turbulence Bit Error Rate Probability Density Functions -Probability Models Results Further work Structuring/Trading - Attention to Detail
- Quantitative skills
- Logical Reasoning Skills Further Study: MSc Statistics/Statistical Finance - Genuine interest for further study in Statistics.
- Programming: C++, VBA History of FSO Application in the Real World How FSO Works Advantages & Challenges Greeks used sunlight to communicate Alexander Graham Bell's: Photo-phone - 1880 Ruby Laser: 1958-1960 NASA Emergencies Military Satellites Transmitter Receiver Laser Beam LED Numerical Evaluation of the performance of various models of a Free Space optical Link . FSO Models Used laser beam of 1550nm: Higher Power Projects an optical source through the atmosphere Dictates the general properties of a FSO system
OOK, NRZ FSO link: with and without turbulence
atmospheric conditions. Receiver PIN Photodiode a) Receiver with adaptive /optimum
decision threshold. b) Receiver with fixed decision thresholds. c) Introduce an amplifier into the above
models. Lower cost
Time efficient
Incredibly fast: 1.25Gb/s, expected to reach upto 10GB/s in the future
RF can only scale upto Mb/s
No interference from RF NRZ,IM Atmospheric Turbulence Atmospheric Turbulence Scintillation & Beam Spreading Fog: Denver, Colorado
BER vs Transmitting powers for received irradiance characterized with the GG pdf :
a) receiver without preamplifier
b) receiver with preamplifier. Monte Carlo Simulation A histogram showing the frequency of occurrence for each instantaneous received power when the transmitting power is -10dbm. BER=P( 0|1)P(1)+P( 1|0)P(0) What is BER? A measure of the number of inaccurate bits/values with respect to the total number bits/values transmitted PDF's Commonly used pdf: beam propagation Scattering of light Gamma-Gamma Distribution Example of the Gamma-Gamma pdf Gaussian Distribution = 3 = 5 Parameters for project: Background of Monte Carlo Essentially, the Monte Carlo method solves a problem by directly simulating the underlying (physical) process and then calculating the (average) result of the process. Named after the city in Monaco, where the primary attractions are casinos. Gambling games, like roulette, dice, and slot machines, exhibit random behavior. Example: Project Specific Continue to run the Monte Carlo Simulation with other pdf's used: Log-Normal, Negative Exponential, K-Distribution.
Investigate the performance of multi-stage link with non linear amplifier
Vary strength of turbulence, Alpha & Beta Reflection Time Management! Developed good understanding of Matlab. Preferred to have more assistance with results. model: weak - moderate turbulence A FSO Link employing a receiver with an adaptive/optimum threshold, with a pre-amplifier, has a better performance. What did I find?
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