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Increases in World Population and the Demand on Resources

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Matthew Rohring

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Increases in World Population and the Demand on Resources

Over the last several years, there
has been a tremendous increase
in world population. This leads to an
increase in demand on limited world
resources. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 In the "Main Idea" box of your chart. Come up with a main idea for this prezi. 2 or 3 sentences should be perfect. Show your teacher your main idea and you win the pot of gold! Start Follow the path of this prezi and
be sure to write down your notes in your chart you should have glued in your interactive notebook! Watch out for obstacles along the way! - The world realizes that Americans
use more resources and create more
pollution than most other nations.

- Americans are dependent (or rely on)
other countries to provide us with
resources like oil. AHHHH! Watch out for
that pollution monster! Increases in World Population and the
Demand on Resources Obstacle 1: Think about this video.
There are now over 7 BILLION people
in the world! Wow! Please write the following in your interactive notebook in the "PROBLEM" box of your chart. Write this in your "America's Role" box of
your chart. Obstacle 3: In the "Solutions" box on your chart, please write down some ways that you can help the environment as a future leader of the US. We don't want other countries to think that we are not doing our part to protect the environment! Check out the video for some ideas! Obstacle 2: Write down some resources
that you think might be limited
as more and more people are living
on our planet. Write this in the
"Problems" box of your chart.
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