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Renaissance Discoverys/Inventions

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on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Renaissance Discoverys/Inventions

Renaissance Discoveries/Inventions
When and Why the toilet was invented.
The toilet was invented in 1597. It was made to make a more sanitary place for the queen and her servants.
What was used before the toilet.
Before the toilet they used Chamber Pots
honey buckets and holes in the ground.
Who invented The Toilet
The flush toilet was invented by 3 people . John Harington, Joseph Bramah, and Al-Jazari. It was a prototype made for queen Elizabeth.
golf ball facts
Golf balls where smooth and where dented after hit. In 1905 William Taylor made slants on the golf ball to stop dents[ because of the surface area]. The slants are called a dimple pattern. There are 300-500 dimples a common number is 336. The game was just for distance.

Golf was a game in Scotland derng the 15 century where you hit pebble with a stick. After 1750 the game became like today. The original golf ball[ featherie] was made from feathers in a leather sack. In 1848 the gutta-perch ball was invented it is made of gutta tree sap. The inventor was Adam Paterson. In 1848 the rubber golf ball was invented by Cobarn Haskell. The Haskell ball was made from air ore and tended to explode when over heated. Mercury, cork, and metal cores where tried. In 1972 the first two-piece ball was invented[ a metal sphere with a hard outer shell] based off the Haskell design.

This is my presentation on the golf ball. In this pres-
entation you will learn about six different golf balls
and there inventor.

Tis the End!
My Project
My side of the presentation is on the Flush Toilet, so please enjoy!
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