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Captain James Cook

No description

sup hi

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Captain James Cook

Captain Cook's Early Life James Cook was born in 1728 and was the son of a farmworker in the north of England.
He went to school for 5 years then left.
After leaving school he worked in a grocery store and becomming a shops owners apprentice in England.
In 1762 James Cook married a women named Elizabeth Batts 7 years after he joined the british navy.
How Captain Cook Died In Hawaii when the hawaii islanders thought that Captain Cook was their great god Lono, they had a big welcome ceremory.For three weeks Captain Cook and his crew stayed at the island and were given great gifts to honor him. Then the islanders made it clear that they had to go. Captain Cook's ship was damaged and came back to Hawaii again for repairs, but the Hawaiians didn't want him back because they were sick of entertaining the greedy crew . After some arguements Captain Cook decided to talk to the islanders chief, he took some men to guard him but the guards were attacked and left. As Cook turned to the shore a Hawaiian strucked his head and then another islander stuck a dagger in his neck. When James Cook was 16 years old, he moved to a fishing village where he worked as a shop boy. this is when James Cook felt the 'lure' (temptation of the sea) when he was gazing out the window of the shop. When Captain Cook found that he was interested in the sea Where Captain Cook Traveled These are the places Captain Cook went in order: 1st voyage (1768 - 1771), Madeira, Rio de Janeiro (in Brazil),Tierra del Fuego(southern tip of South America),Tahiti (where he observed Venus), New Zealand, Australia, Batavia, then returns to England.

2nd voyage (1772 - 1775), Antartica, New Zealand, Tahiti,Easter Island, Tongan, then goes back to Britain.

3rd voyage (1776 - 1780), New Zealand, Tongan islands, Tahiti, Christmas islands( very briefly), Hawaii, west coast of the U.S.A and stopover at Nooka Sound, Artic Cirlce, Maui(in Hawaii), a storm forces the ship to go back to Hawaii where Captian Cook gets killed.

Consequences Captian Cook Faced There were Consequinces that Captain Cook
had for example there were diseases like Malaria
(you can get it from too many mosquito bites),
Dysentery( "toilet" problem. There was also getting
around "Cape Horn" (tip of South America when
there are many huge waves and violent winds.
There are fights with foriegn countries for example in
Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. in Antartica there
were icebergs, when Captian Cooks ship came it was
hard to get around them, but he discovered that if
they melted the icebergs it ws good drinking water. How Captain Cook found Australia When Captain Cook was in New Zealand
before he left to go home he wanted to search
for now what is called Australia. In 1644 a man
called Abel Tasman who reached New Zealand
caught very little sight of Australia but didn't
explore it. Captain Cook wanted to be the
first person to discover Australia. So on there
way back Captain Cook searched for the land
and found what he wanted. Captain Cook's Life Resources: http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain cook http://library.thinkquest.org/4034/james cook.html Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific On the Computer Books
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