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My Life and Future Career - Final Summative

My Careers Final Summative

Shruthi Srinivasan

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of My Life and Future Career - Final Summative

What Does Success Mean to Me?
Success means to graduate from the university of my dreams, get a job and have a balanced life :) In other words, achieve my goals and be happy :)
My Dream Life
Personality and Skills Test Results
My Career
Marketing Myself
How Will I Dress & Act During the Interview
Interview Questions
Three Most Important Links From the MyClass Site
The End
What Have I Learned
1. Interests Quiz
Information Junkie
Results were accurate
2. Learning Skills
Results were accurate
3. Multiple Intelligences
Kinaesthetic, Logical, Interpersonal
Results were not very accurate, because I am not a very interpersonal person :( I don't interact much

Aerospace Engineer!
Avg. Salary -> $70-$90 k
develop and conduct computer simulation of aerospace vehicles and systems
prepare specifications for materials and processes for manufacturing
must supervise the manufacturing of the aircraft/spacecraft
The demand is slower than average but the prospect will increase by 5%
1. Tell me about yourself
Graduate of IBT, currently enrolled in IB
Amazing customer skills, problem solving skills
Very goal-oriented, deadline-oriented and results-oriented
2. What are your strengths?
Amazing at relationship management (good customer skills)
Innovative, curious, hard working, initiative, and very time efficient
3. What are your weaknesses?
Very hardworking and results-oriented so I expect the same of my coworkers and sometimes my expectations tend to be too high
4. How do you handle success and failure?
Success-> Quick pat on the back, analyze why I succeeded, do it again in next project
Failure-> Little time to be sad, analyze why I failed and don't do it next time
5. What are your long term goals?
to obtain a supervisory position at this very company and move up the corporate ladder and help make this company more successful than it already is
1. www.myblueprint.ca

2. www.wsib.on.ca

3. www.careercruising.com
I Want to go to Work & Have Fun Looking Like This....
My Side Career
Mangaka (Manga Author) with Grace Huang (Manga Artist)
Avg. Salary -> $35k
Creating manga stories, attending events
The competition is very high which means that demand is very low
Getting a job immediately will be hard
Normal House
My not so normal car
Have a good job
Aerospace Engineer Interview

Dress professionally
Speak confidently
Talk about strengths such as math, science, problem solving
Unit One
I learned my personality type, skills, and multiple intelligences
Unit Two
I am very suited for the profession for aerospace engineering
Learned all requirements for OSSD
Unit Three
I have the right to refuse dangerous work that my employer gives me
I learned how to create a resume and cover letter
learned how to act in an interview
Unit Four
There are six paths I can take after high school
I can join military if I cannot afford university
Travel the world
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