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July 9, 2014 Bridge/Milton Concepts

No description

Tim Taber

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of July 9, 2014 Bridge/Milton Concepts

Onondaga Lake West Revitalization Project
Bridge Street & Milton Avenue Streetscape Conceptual Design

Onondaga County
Village of Solvay / Solvay Electric
Town of Geddes
New York State Fair (NYSDAM)
Finger Lakes Railway
National Grid
July 9, 2014

Vision Statement

...create a sustainable, inventive, functional multi-modal gateway link along Bridge Street and Milton Avenue, connecting the proposed Onondaga Lake West recreational and entertainment facilities with the New York State Fairgrounds and the Village of Solvay, that celebrates the history of the area and promotes future development and revitalization of the Solvay and Geddes communities.
Onondaga Lake West
Current Initiatives
Design Alternatives
A Shared Space Concept
Promenade on Bridge
the Brine Line
A Cycle Track Concept
the Brine Line
Street Elements & Materials
A Cycle Track Concept
Alternatives Assessment
Promenade on Bridge - Pros
* Extension of the State Fair public space
* Year-round functionality
* Ease of access to State Fairgrounds and existing gates
* One of a kind in greater Syracuse area
* Larger pedestrian corridor for year-round events
* On-street bike lanes for Milton Ave., maintenance included
in street maintenance program
the Brine Line - Pros
* Separates all forms of transportation along Bridge Street and
Milton Ave. east of Bridge Street
* Avid bicyclist preference
* Reduces parked car conflicts with bicyclists along Milton Ave.
Promenade on Bridge - Cons
* Snow removal along Bridge Street road section
* Mix of pedestrian and bicyclist traffic along Bridge Street
* Conflict point at Matthews Avenue intersection
the Brine Line - Cons
* Bicyclist access to State Fairgrounds from cycle track requires
crossing Bridge Street
* One additional conflict point at each railroad crossing
* Separate maintenance of cycle track along Milton Ave.
* Increased driveway conflict points along east side of
Bridge Street.
Alternatives Assessment
Comments / Questions?
A Shared Space Concept
A Cycle Track Concept
Design Concepts
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