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Banane Appleson

on 5 September 2010

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Transcript of Sweden

Sweden Meatballs and mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam is a typical lunch meal.
In Sweden we speak Swedish, that's a cool language!
But almost everyone knows how to speak English.
By Marta Ernfors FOOD Crispbread, a typical Swedish bread that may be included in breakfast Jansson's temptation, a kind of potato gratin, is a must on the Christmas dinner table. The common family structure in Sweden is parents and two kids. Kid´s Life Go to school five
days a week. Afternoon activities are in sports clubs, outside of school. Fashion Socializing The Swedish National Song Flag Sweden´s
National Bird Language It´s common to invite friends to your home for small dinner parties. Children are always welcome. Sweden is one of the Nordic countries in Europe.
It is 9 times bigger than Costa Rica and slightly larger than California. Stockholm Capital City A beautiful city by the sea Sweden is a monarchy with a king and a queen
But it is the Swedish government, lead by a prime minister, elected every 4th year, who makes the decisions in Sweden. King Carl XVI Gustaf Queen Sylvia Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream passing the coast , Sweden has a temperate climate despite its northern latitude. It has
four distinct seasons and mild temperatures throughout the year. Climate Common Blackbird In the winter Sweden is covered with snow and in the summer it is as warm as in Costa Rica Sweden has 9.3 million inhabitans compared with Costa Rica's 4.5 million and California's 36.9 million. Population Age Structure 0-14 years: 16% 15-64 years: 65% 65 years and over: 19% Life expectancy at birth is 81years Literacy Rate 99% of all Swedes of age 15 and over can read and write,
the rest (the 1%) are illiterate immigrants living in Sweden Swedish
Design &
Inventions The distinctive Coca Cola bottle is designed by Swedish-American Alex Samuelson and introduced 1916th Celsius thermometer was invented by the Swede Anders Celsius in the 18th century. This thermometer, with a 100-point scale based on water freezing point and up to boiling water, became the international standard. Blasting explosive dynamite was invented by the Swede Alfred Nobel in the 19th century. With his fortune he founded the Nobel Prize for prize awards in science, literature and peace work. The Nobel Prize is awarded annually on December 10. Swedish Authors Selma Lagerlöf
(ex. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils) Astrid Lindgren
(ex. Pippi Longstocking,
Karlsson-on-the-Roof and
Six Bullerby Children) Swedish Music &
Film Industry Ingmar Bergman, Sven Nykvist, Lasse Hallström, Birgit Nilsson, ABBA, Roxette, Max Martin, Ace of Base and Peter, Bjorn & John etc.. Currently, Sweden is the only
non-English-speaking country in the world with a net export of music. Economy Exports Timber, hydropower, and iron ore are the main exports. Volvo (cars), Saab Scania (trucks), Ericsson (telecom equipment) and Tetra Pak (food processing and packaging company) multinational companies with Swedish origin. Import Machinery, petroleum (oil) and petroleum products, cars, clothing, foodstuffs like fruits (oranges, bananas and other tropical fruits) The Swedish money is called Krona. Natural Resources Ex. iron ore, copper, gold, silver, timber, hydropower Telecommunictions Highly developed telecommunications infrastructure; ranked among leading countries for fixed & mobile-telephony, Internet and broadband penetration Transportations Highly developed transportations infrastructure such as roads, railroads, airports and ports. Public transportation, bus, train-service and subway, (subway only in Stockholm) are good, clean and punctual. 9000 BC
-800 AD Pre-historic
Sweden 800 -
1500 AD Vikings 1500s King
Gustav Vasa 1600s The Swedish
Empire 1700s Most concqured
terratories lost 1814 Sweden´s
last war 1870
-1930 Industrialization High concentration of petroglyphs throuout the country.
Earliest images comes from 5000 BC Sea worriers or pirates with advanced ship technology. King Gustav Vasa unifies the country, which is the fondations of the modern Sweden.
Sweden has since then been non-aligned in peacetime and neutral in wartime, wich means Sweden was not involved in World War l and World War ll. The agricultural economy is shifting and social welfare develops Government Constitutional monarchy
Parliamentary democracy Monarch:
King Carl XVI Gustaf Prime Minister:
Fredrik Reinfeldt (M) main political parties divided in two political blocks, one right and one left. Moderate Party, allied with the Centre Party, Liberal People´s Party, and the Christian Democrats Party Swedish Social Democratic Party, allied with Left Party and Green Party Elections to the parliament are held every four years Swedish people in general is interested in design and fashion in particular. Sweden has many clothes designers, Felippa K, Odd Molly, Johan Lindeberg (Diesel), Björn Borg etc. Religion Christian Lutheran 87% Other 13% (includes Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) Sports
Recreation Swedish people in general enjoy outdoor life like
hiking, camping, swimming in the summer season
skiing and skateing in the winter season Sweden has produced many world famous athletes, among them, alpine skiers Ingmar Stenmark, Pernilla Wiberg & Anja Persson Tennis players Björn Borg, Mats Wilander & Stefan Edberg Golf players Jesper Parnevik & Annika Sörenstam Ice hockey players Börje Salming, Mats Sundin & Peter Forsberg Soccer players Glenn Hysén, Thomas Brolin & Zlatan Ibrahimovic Most Important Holidays & Traditions Påsk (Easter): Painting boiled eggs and decorating houses with twigs of white birch.

Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night): Celebrated (on April 30) with parties and big bonfires.

Sveriges nationaldag (National Day): Celebrated on June 6

Midsommar (Midsummer): Celebrated with big summer parties (in mid-June) including dancing and singing around the maypole.

Jul (Christmas): Celebrated on Christmas Eve (on December 24) with Christmas dinner and Santa Claus comming with presents.

Nyårsafton (New Year´s Eve): Celebrated (on December 31) with parties and fireworks Current Events 2010 The Royal wedding in June, where Princess Victoria will merry Daniel Westling from Sweden. The Parliament election in September where Fredric Reinfeldt leading the right political block will try to keep the power another 4 years. Links
http://www.sweden.se Winter Summer History Family Structure Eastern Christmas New Year´s Eve National Day Walpurgis Night Midsummer
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